The Next 'Battlefield' Game Will Take Players To World War II, Just Like 'Call Of Duty'

The next 'Battlefield' game will take players to World War II, after 'Battlefield 1' was set in World War I. The game, which will confusingly be titled 'Battlefield V,' will follow the 'Call of Duty' franchise into the era.

Video Games March 2, 2018

Gamers Fight Back: EA Makes 'Star Wars: Battlefront II' Changes After The Most Downvoted Post In Reddit History

Gamers have scored a huge victory against the trend of abusive microtransactions in the video game industry. After massive backlash, Electronic Arts has reduced the unlock requirements for 'Star Wars: Battlefront II' characters such as Darth Vader.

Video Games November 13, 2017

The Space Battles Of 'Star Wars Battlefront II' Will Be Shown Off At Gamescom, And We Can't Contain Our Excitement

The space battles of 'Star Wars Battlefront II' will be showcased at the upcoming Gamescom 2017. However, Electronic Arts will already reveal the gameplay of the Starfighter Assault mode before the annual event.

Video Games August 13, 2017

EA And DICE Reveal Massive Expansion Packs

EA has announced four big expansions for ‘Battlefield 1’ coming this March. The updates are available as separate purchases or as part of Premium Pass bundle.

Video Games March 2, 2017

Overwatch Stars At 20th DICE Awards, Uncharted 4 Bags 4 Trophies

Fast-paced action game ‘Overwatch’ ran away with the Game of the Year Award during the 20th D.I.C.E. Awards on Feb. 23. ‘Overwatch’ took three more, tying with ‘Uncharted 4,’ which won four.

Video Games February 25, 2017

'Battlefield 1' DLC Details About To Be Revealed, Teaser Launched Via Tweet [Video]

DICE is already setting the stage for 'Battlefield 1's' massive update via a video teaser posted at Twitter. It showed clues to the story line, which is based on the Battle of Verdun.

Video Games January 23, 2017

'Battlefield 1' Players Are Being Banned For Being Too Good At The Game: Investigations Are Now Underway

Skilled 'Battlefield 1' players have found themselves banned from the game for being too good. The wrongful bans are now under investigation, but great players should tone down in showing off their skills for now.

Video Games January 12, 2017

'Battlefield 1' Update Adds New Map Giant's Shadow, Shotgun Balances, Spectator Mode And More To The Mix

DICE is about to release a new 'Battlefield 1' update. This includes a new map called Giant’s Shadow, a new weapon called Grenade Crossbow, a new Spectator mode, and a number of gameplay improvements.

Video Games December 13, 2016

'Battlefield 1's' Battlefest Event Begins Today, Free Weapons Skins, Dog Tags And More

Play 'Battlefield 1' in the next week to earn some free goodies.

Video Games November 16, 2016

'Battlefield 1' Hardcore Servers Coming Soon, DICE Details Map Tweaks And Battlefest Rewards

Here are just a few things 'Battlefield 1' players can expect to see in the months ahead.

Video Games November 3, 2016

'Battlefield 1' Doesn't Have A Proper Plane Dogfight Mode, So A Fan Made One In 'Halo 5' Instead

The power of 'Halo 5's' Forge mode never ceases to amaze.

November 3, 2016

The Hunt Is On For 'Battlefield 1' Easter Eggs

Players are already scratching their heads as the hunt for Easter eggs in 'Battlefield 1' begins. No doubt there are other surprises in store as well.

Video Games October 25, 2016

'Battlefield 1' Review: The Great War

A mediocre single-player campaign does little to hold 'Battlefield 1' back from being one of the best shooters of the year.

Video Games October 21, 2016

'Battlefield 1' Includes One Of The Smallest, And Weakest, Guns Ever Made

The 2.7 mm Kolibri pistol is in 'Battlefield 1,' and it's hilarious in action.

Video Games October 13, 2016

The Complete Guide To 'Battlefield 1' Preorder Bonuses And Special Editions

EA's World War I shooter is set to make a big splash later this month. Here's everything you need to know about 'Battlefield 1's' preorder bonuses and special editions.

Video Games October 6, 2016

Here Are All The Details On 'Battlefield 1's' Globe-Trotting Single-Player Campaign

'Battlefield' isn't known for its captivating single-player campaigns, but that might be changing with 'Battlefield 1.'

Video Games September 29, 2016

'Star Wars Battlefront' Has (Finally) Removed The Ability To Have Helmet-less Stormtroopers

R.I.P. grandma Stormtrooper. As of the release of the 'Star Wars Battlefront' Death Star DLC, players can no longer be a Stormtrooper without a helmet.

Video Games September 21, 2016

More 'Star Wars Battlefront III' Footage Hits The Web, This Time Showing The Game's Campaign Mode

Footage from the never-to-be-released 'Star Wars Battlefront III' continues to make its way online.

Video Games September 20, 2016

'Battlefield 1' Is Changing Thanks To Beta Feedback, Here Are All The Details

DICE reveals some of the changes from the beta fans can expect to see in the full version of 'Battlefield 1.'

Video Games September 19, 2016

'Star Wars Battlefront' Gets Space Battles In New 'Battle Station' Game Mode, Check Out The Trailer

The upcoming Death Star DLC for 'Star Wars Battlefront' will add a new mode that takes players from the cockpit to the interior of the Empire's mighty battle station.

Video Games September 16, 2016

'Battlefield 1' Biggest Beta In EA History, Saw 3 Million More Players Than 'Star Wars Battlefront'

EA reveals some huge numbers from the week-long 'Battlefield 1' multiplayer beta.

Video Games September 15, 2016

All 'Battlefield 4' DLC Expansions Are Currently Free On Xbox One And PS4

If you've been wanting to play 'Battlefield' or have long wished to own all the game's DLC, now is your chance.

Video Games September 13, 2016

'Battlefield 1' Beta Ends Sept. 8

The open beta for EA and DICE's WWI shooter will come to an end later this week. 'Battlefield 1' officially releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in October.

Video Games September 6, 2016

Update: 'Battlefield 1' Open Beta Is Experiencing Issues, Here's The Latest News

The 'Battlefield 1' beta is now live for all players, and it's also now experiencing server issues.

Video Games August 31, 2016

'Battlefield 1' Open Beta Going Live For The Xbox One, PS4 And PC On Aug. 31

'Battlefield 1' open beta is about to go live this August for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Sign up now to get in on the action before it's too late.

Video Games August 16, 2016

'Battlefield 1' Weapons Trailer Explores World War I's Tools Of Destruction

Check out some of the authentic World War I weaponry to be included in EA's 'Battlefield 1.'

Video Games August 4, 2016

'Battlefield 4' China Rising DLC Is Free On All Platforms Until Aug. 9

Gamers can snag some free DLC for 'Battlefield 4' this week, regardless of their platform of choice.

Video Games August 3, 2016

'Star Wars Battlefront' Bespin DLC Will Be Free For All Players On These Dates

Fans who have yet to try out the game's Bespin DLC will get their chance soon.

Video Games July 19, 2016

Death Star DLC Will Add Chewbacca To 'Star Wars: Battlefront'; Rogue One: Scarif DLC Unveiled With Jyn Erso

Electronic Arts has confirmed that Chewbacca will be coming to 'Star Wars: Battlefront' through the Death Star DLC. It was also revealed that the fourth expansion is Rogue One: Scarif, featuring Jyn Erso.

Video Games July 17, 2016

Get 5,000 Credits Free In ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Just By Logging In This Weekend

A lot’s in store for 'Star Wars Battlefront' players in the coming days and weeks. For this weekend, players are getting 5,000 credits just by logging into the game.

Video Games July 16, 2016

'Star Wars Battlefront' Offline Mode Will Finally Arrive On July 20

Fans longing for more single-player offline options for 'Star Wars Battlefront' have had their wish granted.

Video Games July 14, 2016

There's Going To Be A 'Battlefield' TV Show, And It Already Sounds Like An Awful Idea

'Battlefield' isn't exactly known for its storytelling, but that's not stopping Paramount Television and Anonymous Content from trying to make a TV show out of it.

Movies/TV Shows July 11, 2016

'Star Wars Battlefront' Looks To Be Getting An Offline vs. AI Mode Soon

The multiplayer battles in 'Star Wars Battlefront' may soon be playable offline.

Video Games June 22, 2016

'Battlefield 4' And 'Battlefield Hardline' Are $5 Apiece Until June 20

EA is practically giving away 'Battlefield 4' and 'Battlefield Hardline' in order to promote the next installment in the franchise.

Video Games June 17, 2016

'Star Wars: Battlefront' 'Bespin' DLC Arrives Next Week - But Is It Too Little, Too Late?

The next major update for 'Star Wars: Battlefront' arrives next week for Season Pass holders — but is it enough to keep the struggling game going?

Video Games June 17, 2016

Here's What To Expect With The 'Star Wars Battlefront' Bespin DLC

New heroes, maps, weapons and vehicles are set to arrive for EA's Star Wars shooter later this month.

Video Games June 10, 2016

EA Wasn't Sure Younger Fans Would Understand The 'Battlefield 1' World War I Setting

Getting 'Battlefield 1' green-lit wasn't exactly easy, as EA had concerns that younger players wouldn't know about the game's World War I setting.

Video Games June 2, 2016

The 'Battlefield 1' Trailer Is Way Creepier With Actual World War I Footage

The original 'Battlefield 1' trailer is as over-the-top and action-packed as you'd expect ... until you see it remade with actual World War I footage, that is. Then it's just creepy.

Video Games May 19, 2016

EA Gives The Real Reason 'Star Wars Battlefront' Didn't Have A Campaign

It's probably the reason you guessed from the start.

Video Games May 18, 2016

'Battlefield 4' Final Stand DLC Will Be Free May 18, According To Report

More free 'Battlefield' DLC is on the way.

Video Games May 16, 2016

Battlefield 1 Historical Trailer Analysis Reveals Game Creators Did Their Homework

The 'Battlefield 1' cinematic trailer was evaluated by experts from The Great War for historical accuracy. The first person shooter scored high in the realism scale, showing that DICE and EA did attend their history classes diligently.

Video Games May 15, 2016

'Star Wars Battlefront' Outer Rim Expansion Is Free This Weekend Only

Want to try out some of the new maps and heroes included in the first 'Star Wars Battlefront' expansion? This weekend is your chance.

Video Games May 12, 2016

'Battlefield 1' Trailer Released: DICE Explains Why They Chose World War I Setting

The next 'Battlefield' game will be set in the era of The Great War. Out goes the sensors and silicon, in comes the bleeding edge tech of the first modern war.

Video Games May 10, 2016

'Battlefield 1' Officially Announced, World War I Setting Confirmed

'Battlefield' has always done its own thing — apparently, for the fifth entry in DICE's long-running franchise, that means going back to the early 20th century and into the trenches of World War I.

Video Games May 6, 2016

'Battlefield 1' Is The Confusing Name Of EA's New Shooter, Will Be Set During World War I

A leak has confirmed the title and setting of the next entry in EA and DICE's 'Battlefield' series.

Video Games May 6, 2016

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