The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration will create a national network of charger corridors for electric vehicles.

The demand for EVs is increasing and governments around the world are promoting EV technology as it helps reduce pollution and ultimately global warming. However, the infrastructure for charging electric cars is not sufficient in the United States, which makes it difficult for owners to drive their EV for long distances.

Access To Clean Energy Technologies To Combat Climate Change

Citing global climate issues, the Obama administration announced plans that will accelerate the charging infrastructure for EVs, therefore increasing their usage in the country even for long distances.

"The Obama administration is committed to taking responsible steps to combat climate change, increase access to clean energy technologies, and reduce our dependence on oil," says a White House release. "By working together across the Federal government and with the private sector, we can ensure that electric vehicle drivers have access to charging stations at home, at work and on the road - creating a new way of thinking about transportation that will drive America forward."

Charging Corridors Covering 25,000 Miles

The White House release confirmed that the DOT is establishing 48 charging corridors for EVs on national highways. The new EV route will cover 35 states and 25,000 miles. With the planned charging corridors, EV drivers should expect a new or existing charging station in every 50 miles.

Several vehicle makers and organizations have come forward to accelerate the actions needed for charging infrastructure.

"FHWA intends to support the expansion of this national network through a process that brings together a consortium of stakeholders including state agencies, utilities, alternative fuel providers and car manufacturers to promote and advance alternative fuel corridor designations in conjunction with the Department of Energy," says the FHWA.

It is important for the government to provide infrastructure for charging electric cars. However, it is also important that these charging stations offer fast charging for all cars.

The development of charging corridors is definitely great news for electric car makers as the news is likely to spike the sale of EVs in the United States This means that the government also has to ensure that the upcoming charging stations keep up with demand and evolving technology.

It is worth noting that it can take years before the entire infrastructure is in place for customers so that they can benefit from it. However, the infrastructure will help EV owners eliminate range anxiety in the future.

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