A series of extremely specific Game of Thrones spoilers has been leaking online well in advance of the popular series' season 7 debut on HBO. Reddit posts have been exposing numerous plot points and have even included paraphrased dialogue between the characters.

HBO Plagued With Game of Thrones Spoilers And Leaks

Try as it might, HBO has consistently had an impossible time keeping the details and episodes of its most popular series Game of Thrones from leaking ahead of time in advance of the show's actual airing.

In season 5, prior to the season premiere of the show, the first four full episodes of the series leaked online and were summarily made available on numerous torrent and file sharing sites. The leak was a huge embarrassment to the network, which vowed to prevent further occurrences similar to the massive leak.

When it came to the following season, HBO took the unprecedented step of refusing to release any episode screeners in advance of the season premiere. Networks routinely make their programming available in such form in order to stoke publicity for their shows, but this time critics were required to gather at a sequestered viewing party.

The network also engaged in an aggressive series of takedown requests on numerous file sharing sites throughout the season, and sent thousands of notices to various ISPs informing them of users who had downloaded or attempted to download episodes illegally.

HBO even overstepped its bounds by issuing a formal copyright takedown notice to Google over a YouTube video which contained spoilers for the show related verbally, but did not contain any copyrighted content. The video was eventually restored. Two other small leaks occurred online as well just prior to the episodes broadcast premiere, the source of both of which was apparently the network itself.

New Season 7 Spoilers Posted 

This time around, a series of posts have been published on Reddit, indicating very specific plot points and even paraphrased dialogue from what is reportedly the script for the upcoming season 7 of Game of Thrones. Although many of the posts have since been removed, some are still available online in the form of screenshots. While the posters have not been identified and the veracity of the information has not been officially confirmed, it appears to be the real deal.

This series of leaks come as the season 7 premiere date for Game of Thrones has yet to be confirmed. The show usually premieres in the spring, and while season 6 kicked off on April 24 this year, next year's debut will be delayed to summer due to a later shooting schedule, as showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss previously confirmed.

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