Marvel is hitting the cancellation button for many of its comic book properties beginning January 2015. The most notable cancellation here is She Hulk, and we are quite surprised at this.

The She Hulk comics had a very consistent run, though, they failed to achieve sales good enough to keep the series going. The guys behind these comics were creative with their work, so we hope they get the chance to put their talent elsewhere in the Marvel Universe.

For the record, we also hope that Marvel looks back at the character in the years to come and give her a worthy re-launch. Maybe that's what She Hulk wants, and we're confident that with the right person in the driver's seat, the green lady will find her place again, especially in the sales department.

We can see why the comic failed to catch the attention of the typical comic book fanboy, as the courtroom drama, while exciting, could be seen as boring to some. Furthermore, Marvel did not market She Hulk that much, as proven by the long list of fans who had no idea there was a She Hulk comic series.

Still, with death comes life, so with She Hulk out of the way for 2015, Marvel is making space for an all-new Ant-Man comic series, and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1.

We're happy to see Marvel working on an Ant-Man comic, though, it doesn't come as much of a surprise. The company is hard at work at the moment on the Ant-Man movie, and if it turns out to be a huge success, then chances are the comic itself would see a huge increase in performance in the marketplace.

The Ant-Man film has been confronted with issues in the past couple of months, mainly due to the director leaving the project, and rumors that Marvel studio directors have little creative space.

We understand that Marvel has gotten one of its in-house writers to pen the script, and a new director to get the film up and ready for primetime. It's going to be very interesting to see how Ant-Man is accepted by fans when it comes out in theaters around the world.

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