Super Smash Bros. 3DS has been selling extremely well for Nintendo. It seems that people just love playing Smash Bros. on the go, even if the screen has shrunk a bit. That being said, Nintendo isn't even close to being done with Smash Bros. yet; the Wii U version is almost ready to hit home consoles in a few weeks.

For months, the developers have been quiet about the console version and its exclusive features. Thankfully, that came to an end earlier today when a Smash Bros-centric Nintendo Direct aired online, and Nintendo finally broke its silence.

Easily the biggest change in the Wii U version is the inclusion of up to 8-player matches. This is the first time in series history that more than four players can compete in one match, and Nintendo has gone the extra mile in preparation for the new mode. While 8-player Smash can only be played on a certain number of stages, Nintendo has reworked several different arenas to be playable with the increased number of fighters. Unfortunately, Nintendo also confirmed that there will be no way to play online with 8 players, most likely due to connection issues.

The 3DS version's exclusive Smash Run mode has evolved into Smash Tour, a Mario Party-esque mini game that sees players move around a board and collect fighters. Players still focus on powering up their fighters for a final battle, though the five-minute time limit has been nixed in favor of a more long-term gametype. Also, while the final battle in Smash Run was always randomized, the final event in Smash Tour will always be a Stock battle. Players' lives are based on how many characters were collected during the board game, and fighters will be deployed in the order they were collected.

Special Orders are similar to Destiny's bounties. Divided into two sections, Orders are handed out or bought, and will reward players for completing certain objectives or event types. Master Orders will feature challenges based on differing difficulties, while Crazy Orders must be bought and focus on completing a series of battles. Any items or rewards acquired during the Crazy Orders will be kept upon completion, but losing means that everything is forfeit.

Boss characters will also make their debut in Super Smash Bros. Wii U in specific stages. Metal Face will appear at night on the Guar Plains stage, and will attack all players on sight. Fan-favorite Ridley will also make an appearance on the Pyrosphere stage, though the villain is much more complex than Metal Face. Instead of simply attacking all players, Ridley can be turned to one player's side in particular, and even powered-up to a new, stronger form. Both villains are extremely powerful, but can be knocked out. In Ridley's case, even allies can defeat him for an easy point.

Nintendo also promised online 64-man tournaments, though the features will not be available immediately at launch. Sadly, Nintendo did not specify when players could hope to see tournaments go live, either.

Most of the other changes Nintendo detailed were minor tweaks to Super Smash Bros. 3DS. All of the minigames from the handheld version return and can be played both cooperatively and competitively. Several modes from previous Smash Bros. entries, such as Coin Battle and Stamina Battles, also make a return. There are more stages, more music tracks and more customizable options than in the 3DS version, including fully-customizable controller settings. Nintendo also promised that the Wii U version will have a stronger emphasis on creating and sharing between friends, and confirmed that players will be able to send pictures, stages and custom fighters to each other, though the feature wouldn't be available at launch.

There are also two incentives for players who already have the 3DS version: Nintendo will be giving away a two-disc soundtrack set through Club Nintendo sometime after launch. In addition, Nintendo also announced that Mewtwo would return as a playable fighter exclusively for those who own both versions of the game, and would be available for download in spring 2015.

It would have been easy for Nintendo to simply change around a few of the modes and ship Super Smash Bros. Wii U, but it seems the company was determined to go above and beyond. Yes, a lot of the features in Smash Bros. 3DS are making a return in the console version, but there's a bevy of new features exclusive to the Wii U as well. New stages, new modes and new characters are all set for release on the home console version only, and it seems like Nintendo has found a balance between enticing players to buy both versions without making the 3DS port feel like a side project.

The Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. will finally hit store shelves on Nov. 21.

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