There is no denying the fact that one of the most significant new features and additions in Apple's latest MacBook Pro iteration is the Touch Bar Display.

This new feature moves a few buttons near the screen and replaces the traditional Fn row of keys. Whatever the public opinion is about the usefulness of the controversial Touch Bar Display on the most recent MacBook Pro, one thing certain is that it can run the timeless personal computer game called Doom.

Testing a PC to run Doom is a rite of passage, to some extent, for many tech gadget enthusiasts. Hence, a lot of programmers and tech-savvy people devote their energy and time porting this 1990s-era first person shooter game to all kinds of operating systems.

And recently, iOS engineer Adam Bell took up to the challenge. The graphics were just as distorted as any person would expect but it was also fascinating in its own right. Ultimately, it was doable, which would perhaps be the most important thing to consider at the end of the day.

He posted a video on YouTube of Doom awkwardly and gracelessly running on the narrow yet interactive MacBook Pro Touch Bar display. Even though the game's graphics were barely recognizable, its soundtrack was heard loud and clear making it very possible for veteran Doom players to navigate through the game with the help of the sounds alone. Additionally, Bell used the MacBook Pro Touch Bar display for Doom's HUD, which makes for a much more aesthetical yet impractical use of the skinny interactive strip between the keyboard and the screen.

The fact that Bell was able to set up Doom and run it on the Touch Bar with a 2170 x 60 display screen was not that surprising to some tech enthusiasts. This interactive strip has an Apple T1 processor with a modified version of watchOS powering it up, which has been known to run Doom since last year.

The MacBook Pro Touch Bar display is the Cupertino brand's answer to the touch-enabled displays that have been available on Windows laptops for some time.

Furthermore, the Touch Bar supports Touch ID to unlock the MacBook Pro and verify online purchases, among other app-specific ways to use it. Accessing the Safari web browser, the Touch Bar would display a back button and a search field that is similar to the traditional web browser toolbar. Opening the Photos app, the Touch Bar would allow users to adjust the size, orientation, filters and effects on the image or navigate through videos as needed.

As for gaming, the MacBook Pro Touch Bar display's usefulness could someday extend beyond a distorted rendition of playing Doom. Apple has made the strip customizable in virtually any way for third-party app developers. Call of Duty players, for example, could make use of the display to check on their ammo, load or reload firearms and change weapons without using the mouse.

But as of now, no game developer has announced support for the MacBook Pro Touch Bar display yet.

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