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B&H Offers $800 Discount On 15-Inch MacBook With Touch Bar

B&H is having a massive Black Friday sale on Apple products, with savings of up to $1,100. You can get a MacBook Pro, iMac, or Mac Pro for much, much less than their retail price.

Computers November 25, 2017

Surface Book Users Not Allowed To Take Tennessee Bar Exams, MacBook Pro's Touch Bar Banned Too

Take note, lawyers-to-be: the Tennessee Board of Law Examiners has announced new prohibitions regarding the use of certain devices during the bar exam next month. Tough luck if you were planning to use a Surface Book or a tablet.

Computers June 19, 2017

Attention, MacBook Pro Users: Office For Mac Now Has Touch Bar Support

Microsoft has now officially rolled out Touch Bar features for all Office for Mac users. Beyond Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Touch Bar functions, support for Outlook will also soon be released.

Computers February 16, 2017

Students Required To Disable MacBook Pro's Touch Bar: Here's How To Do It

The Board of Law Examiners of the State of North Carolina announced that the bar exam applicants using the new version of MacBook Pro have to disable its Touch Bar. This is a step towards preventing cheating during the exams.

Apple January 31, 2017

Spotify For Mac Gets Update, Brings Touch Bar Support For The New MacBook Pro And AirPods Auto-Pause Feature

Spotify has released a new update that comes with integrated Touch Bar controls for the new MacBook Pro models, alongside support for Apple’s wireless AirPods. The new improvements are a welcome addition to Apple’s fledgling Touch Bar.

Apps/Software December 26, 2016

New MacBook Pro Failed To Get Consumer Reports Recommendation, But Here's 5 Reasons Why The Apple Laptop Is Worth It

Apple has failed to net Consumer Reports’ 'recommended' rating for the 2016 MacBook Pro models, due to battery issues. Despite this, here are five reasons why the laptop is still excellent.

Computers December 23, 2016

You Can Now Use Your New MacBook Pro's Touch Bar For Adobe Photoshop: Here Are The Functions

Adobe has now released a new update for Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 for Mac that adds Touch Bar support for the 2016 MacBook Pro. Let’s take a look at the things users can perform on Photoshop using the Touch Bar.

Computers December 14, 2016

Games You Can Play On MacBook Pro Touch Bar: 'Pac-Man', 'Doom', 'Space Fight' And More

Apple stirred some controversy with its latest MacBook Pro, but the laptop's intriguing Touch Bar has also sparked some entertaining experiments. You can now use the Touch Bar to play the piano, play 'Pac-Man,' 'Space Fight,' 'Doom,' and more.

Apple December 12, 2016

Users Of MacBook Pro With Touch Bar Report Battery Issues: Here's What We Know So Far

MacBook Pro with Touch Bar users complain of battery drain issues with the latest Apple offering. It remains unclear if the issue is hardware- or software-related.

Apple December 7, 2016

MacBook Pro Touch Bar Perfect For Playing 'Doom'

A Facebook iOS developer uploaded a video of him being able to play popular PC game 'Doom' on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar display, although it was distorted. Many were fascinated to see the game run on the Touch Bar.

Apple November 22, 2016

MacBook Pro 2016 With Touch Bar Models Are Now Hitting Some Apple Store Shelves

Several people have started spotting the new MacBook Pro model with the Touch Bar inside Apple Stores across some cities in California. The new MacBook Pro retails for $1,499 for the base 13-inch model and $1,799 for the Touch Bar model.

Computers November 16, 2016

Apple Tested Touch Screens On Macs, But Found It Absurd: MacBook Pro With Touch Bar Is As Far As It Goes

Apple has apparently toyed with the idea of adding multi-touch to the Mac, but thought it would be a disaster. The MacBook Pro's touch bar is one thing, but adding touch to a 27-inch iMac would be absurd and it's not going to happen, says Apple's Phil Schiller.

Apple November 14, 2016

Be Careful With The New MacBook Pro Touch Bar: It's Going To Cost You If You Break It

The Touch Bar of Apple's new MacBook Pro is one of its most head-turning features. It also adds another way for the laptop to sustain damage, with repairs to come with steep costs.

Apple October 30, 2016

New MacBook Pro To Get Touch ID, Touch Bar 1Password Features: Here's A Sneak Peek From AgileBits

The MacBook Pro now has Touch ID, a feature that is mostly overlooked. AgileBits seems to have taken due notice of it, though, posting a sneak peek video of how Touch ID can work with password managing software 1Password.

Apps/Software October 29, 2016

Apple Has Strict Touch Bar Guidelines For Developers: No Fun Allowed On The New MacBook Pro Feature?

The Touch Bar is one of the most prominent new features of Apple's updated MacBook Pro models. The company has released strict developer guidelines for it though, which would limit what the Touch Bar can do.

Apple October 28, 2016

Apple's New MacBook Pro Touch Bar Is Awesome, But Is It Useful?

Apple's new MacBook Pro comes with a Touch Bar, and it brings all sorts of functions to the table. However, will it really be useful in real-world situations?

Apple October 28, 2016

MacBook Pro 13-Inch vs. MacBook Pro 13-inch With Touch Bar vs. MacBook Pro 15-Inch With Touch Bar: Which Apple Laptop Should You Buy?

Apple has rolled out its latest MacBook Pro laptops. Check out our comparison between the 13-inch MacBook Pro, 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar before choosing which one to buy.

Computers October 28, 2016

Want To Get Up To $300 In Savings On The New Apple MacBook Pro With Touch Bar? Here's How

The new MacBook Pro models of Apple not only come with great new features and specs, but also with steep price tags. Here is a way to save up to $300 in purchasing the new laptops.

Apple October 28, 2016

Apple Unveils 13- And 15-Inch MacBook Pros With New Touch Bar And Touch ID, Preorders Start Today

Apple announced its redesigned MacBook Pros that are available to preorder today, featuring its new OLED strip called Touch Bar and Touch ID.

Computers October 27, 2016

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