Apple has recently teased a one-day shopping event this coming Friday through a new webpage section on its official website, signaling it will be rejoining the Black Friday tradition that it dropped out of last year.

Those who are hoping to get some deals on various Apple products might just be getting what they want this Black Friday.

Apple Black Friday Sale?

Apple has unveiled a new page on its website teasing fans of a Black Friday sale. Details on this event have yet to be unveiled but the company did announce on the page that this would only be for one day. In line with this, Apple sent out emails to its customers on Tuesday hinting on the same event but without mentioning the deals to be available.

Apparently, promos would be launched both on its offline and online stores though it appears that the Cupertino tech company would be focusing its Black Friday sale on ecommerce this year. The dedicated web section said that the fastest and easiest way to shop during the one-day sale would be through the Apple Store app.

Buyers would also get a free two-day delivery on almost anything bought on that day. Additionally, Apple announced it would be opening some of its retail stores earlier on Nov. 25, Black Friday.

The webpage has not yet included complete details regarding the products and discounts available during this promotion.

Apple: 'Friday Can't Come Soon Enough'

Apple's announcement of a one-day shopping event came as a surprise to many people since it dropped out of the Black Friday sale tradition last year to give its staff a break. In fact, Black Friday sale on various Apple products last year were only available through third-party retailers.

The company believes that being good to its employees would always be good for business; hence it did not join last year's Black Friday sale madness. But it is looking like a different story this year and Black Friday would be too good an event opportunity to miss.

"Friday can't come soon enough. Our one-day shopping event will be here before you know it. Come back this Friday to check everyone off your list," the website announced.

Experts were still apprehensive of the upcoming Black Friday sale since Apple has not really been generous with its discounts in the last few years. Third-party retailers have also started selling their discounted Apple gadgets at least two weeks ago.

Whatever made Apple change its mind regarding the Black Friday sale still remains to be discovered. The company has not yet responded or released an official statement about its change of heart. But this change of heart is a welcome move for many customers.

Apple will be extending hours on some of its offline stores to cater to the possible influx of buyers on one of the year's biggest sales.

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