Iron Man and Captain Marvel. The two heroes have clashed both physically and verbally over the course of Marvel's Civil War II event, starkly divided over the issue of whether or not the superhero community should be using visions of the future to arrest innocent people prior to them committing crimes.

Most recently, a vision from the Inhuman Ulysses revealed a future in which a young Miles Morales kills Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. It's there that issue #7 begins, and while it initially seems like calm heads might prevail, the end of the issue proves otherwise.

Spoilers for Civil War II #7 below!

The issue largely takes place with Miles and Steve inside the Lincoln Memorial, as the two talk about the vision they witnessed. The two seem to find common ground in how absurd and unlikely the vision seems, though it's worth pointing out that Captain America is secretly a villain working for Hydra now, a fact that is so far still hidden from the rest of the superhero community.

It's only when Captain Marvel arrives at the talks do things heat up, but not right away. She too seems to have a calm head, continuing the dialogue between the two heroes who's future seems to imply they will be enemies. It's only when Captain Marvel reaches out to take Spider-Man's hand that things go south. Fast.

At first, all three characters are confused when Captain Marvel is unable to reach Spider-Man due to an energy shield. It's then revealed that Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, is responsible for shielding Miles, with Captain Marvel yelling "Tony Stark! Be a man!"

Tony then reveals himself to the room. He's sporting a powerful new suit of Hulkbuster armor that looks to be inspired by that of War Machine, who died at the beginning of Civil War II after he and Captain Marvel embarked on a mission to stop Thanos after witnessing the event in a vision. Tony tells Captain Marvel he wasn't hiding and that he was giving her one last chance before attacking. The two trade blows, before Captain Marvel unleashes a powerful, fully charged punch to the torso of Tony's Iron Man suit, a blow that explodes out the other side of his armor. The issue ends with the shocked faces of Miles and Steve, who appear to have witness Iron Man's death first hand.

Now, it's a little unclear if Tony is, in fact, dead. But that does appear  to be the case. We know Tony doesn't survive the events of Civil War II thanks to Infamous Iron Man, which released a while back but takes place after Civil War II. Though it doesn't exactly say what happened to the former Iron Man, it is later revealed in the issue that his consciousness has been converted into some form of AI, with Doctor Doom becoming Iron Man in Tony's place. It seems Tony backed up his personality and memories in the event that he died, which appears to be the case.

It's unclear why Tony decided to risk it all in ambushing Captain Marvel. Why did he shield Miles? Did he assume Captain Marvel would attempt to kidnap him or do him harm? Fans will have to wait for more answers and to see what comes next. Will the fight between Captain America and Spider-Man in Civil War II #8? We'll know soon enough.

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