LG is currently unable to repair Nexus 5X smartphones affected by a so-called "bootloop" malfunction, so it's issuing full refunds to make up for it.

A number of Nexus 5X owners who have sent their device in for repair over the bootloop issue have received word from LG that the company is currently out of stock for the materials needed to fix the problem. Consequently, LG is offering to refund the full cost of the smartphone so that customers can get another one.

Most of the time, when customers send their devices in for repair, the manufacturer either fixes the problem or, if that's not possible for some reason, offers a refurbished unit that has been reconditioned or sends out a new unit in some cases. None of these options seems to apply in the Nexus 5X case, which indicates that the bootloop issue is quite problematic to fix.

Nexus 5X Repair Currently Not Possible: Parts Out Of Stock

LG is offering to issue full refunds for the Nexus 5X because it doesn't have the necessary part to fix the bootloop issue, which renders the smartphone unusable. The unavailability of the parts is not that surprising considering that Nexus devices in general are not produced in extremely high volume, at least not when compared to other flagship smartphones.

This means that specific parts are produced in relatively low volume as well, which, in some cases, may lead to a shortage such as the one LG is currently experiencing with Nexus 5X parts.

Full Refund For Nexus 5X Bootloop

"We have received your device at our repair facility but currently a part to complete the repair is out of stock and is no longer available," LG said in an email to a customer. "To rectify this, we would like to offer you a refund for the full amount of your device."

To take advantage of the full refund, customers will need to provide their sales receipt. The refund will take roughly four weeks to reach customers, as things get busier this time of year.

Nevertheless, the offer is very generous — customers got to use the phone for a year and are still eligible to get the full retail amount they paid for. Based on user comments on Reddit, Nexus 5X owners experiencing bootloop issues are wasting no time in taking advantage of this offer.

If you've also experienced bootloop issues with your Nexus 5X, contact LG customer support and set things in motion to get a full refund.

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