The launch of the iPhone 6 series has bulled through iOS 8 bugs and bendgate to reach other users eager to take home Apple's latest smartphone, but there is a growing contingent of iPhone 6 Plus owners who are awaiting a solution to the phone's stability issues.

The problems have been plaguing the 128-GB version of iPhone 6 Plus, although the woes don't appear to be widespread. Some users are complaining about red and blue screen crashes, while others report their phones falling into a loop of reboots.

The discussion about the iPhone 6's crash and reboot issues popped up on Apple's forums just days after the smartphone series was launched. So far, the problems have been isolated to 128 GB iPhone 6 Plus handsets that have over 700 apps installed on them.

"I am experiencing the same issue since this morning on my iPhone 6 Plus," stated Apple forums member PGNathen on Sept. 23. "In fact, at one point, i saw the phone screen turning BLUE and then rebooted itself. It is the first time ever I have seen a BLUE SCREEN on an iPhone since i have started using it 5 years ago!!! Well done Apple, you are inching in closer to Windows!!!"

Just over a month later, the discussion has received over 12,000 views and has seen 87 replies. While the issue may be small in scale considering the millions of iPhones Apple has shipped in just the last month alone, the festering reboot and crash problems are causing new and old Apple fans to question their devotion.

"I consider iOS8 to be the worst tested, and most bug ridden release of iOS ever," states Apple forum user JasHayre. "Extremely poor performance by Apple. And just for the record, as a Windows 7 user, I can honestly say that the worst software I use on my PC regularly, by a VERY long way, is by Apple - iTunes! It will be same for many Windows PC users, ensuring a wonderfully negative first experience of Apple software for them, and ensuring they never want to buy a Mac."

Apple has yet to release an official statement on the 6 Plus' iOS 8 issues, though it responded in short order to allegations that its latest smartphones were prone to bending when stored in pants pockets.

Right now, the best course of action for anyone experiencing the reboot and crash issues on an iPhone 6 is to take his or her handset into an Apple store to have the problems logged.

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