All it takes is a really great idea and a product can finally have an opportunity to take off. This seems to have been the case for Samsung's Gear VR headset when the South Korean company's Canadian subsidiary came up with a plan to market it as a cure for certain afflictions.

#BeFearless Canada

Through a marketing campaign being dubbed as #BeFearless, the Gear VR has now assumed the mantle of practical and even medical utility.

The main idea is to sell the device in the Canadian market as a tool to cure fear of heights and public speaking.

VR Therapy Program

For this purpose, Samsung has developed several modules that constitute what it is now calling as its VR therapy program. They are available as free downloadable VR content.

For example, the module for tackling fear of heights gradually assists an individual in going through the safest scenarios like riding an elevator to the more extreme situations such as driving along a cliff. Public speaking modules include virtual conversations, job interviews and even public performances such as singing karaoke.

The goal is to eventually master fear.

"As part of our ongoing commitment to make a difference in our connected lives, we believe the immersive VR innovation behind #BeFearless can empower many of us to master our fears," Mark Childs, chief marketing officer at Samsung Canada, said in an official statement. "We hope this inspires Canadians to experience the global movement."

Module Development

The program covers several weeks and Samsung claimed that the VR therapy modules have already achieved a high level of success in Europe, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. Aside from Canada, the company is also aiming to introduce the program to several countries.

Certainly, Samsung does not claim exclusive credit for the VR therapy program. The modules have been developed in collaboration with Facebook and Oculus.

Gear VR Compatibility

Like the Google Daydream View VR, Gear VR also requires compatible smartphones to work. These include the Samsung Galaxy S7, the discontinued Galaxy Note 5 as well as the S6 and S6 edge. If you do not have these devices, Samsung is giving an S7 and Gear VR out for free. All you need to do is share your experiences and your fears.

"Fear ends where courage begins," the company said. "Tell us about your fear of heights or public speaking and you could win a Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Gear VR."

Of course, one of the fears that Samsung wants you to master is the fear of spending money for its latest S7 and Gear VR devices.

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