Rumors of an iPhone 8 model with an OLED screen panel are starting to intensify, with more information now bolstering the claim.

Apple has so far been equipping its smartphones with LCD screens, but it's been long rumored that the company was looking to make the switch to OLED displays, which typically allow for deeper blacks and better contrast, as well as better power efficiency.

2017 may finally be the year when Apple makes the move, with the iPhone 8 expected to rock a curved OLED display in at least one model. Some rumors hinted at three iPhone models in 2017, but it remains unconfirmed.

Bezel-Free, Double-Edged OLED iPhone 8

The high-end OLED iPhone 8 model will reportedly feature a nearly bezel-free display with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner embedded into the display itself. At the same time, the iPhone 8 with an OLED screen is expected to have curved edges on both sides of the display.

The iPhone 8 is still months away, but analysts already expect it to be the hottest new smartphone released in 2017. In fact, analysts expect the entire iPhone 8 line to hit record sales in the second half of next year.

Apple Beefing Up iPhone 8 Supply

Customer demand for the iPhone 7 is reportedly declining already as customers are starting to look forward to the more innovative iPhone 8, and Apple is said to have slashed iPhone 7 supply oders accordingly.

At the same time, the company has reportedly started gearing up for the iPhone 8 and its component suppliers are already beefing up supply, reports The Korea Herald, citing ETNews.

According to the latest report, Korean Apple suppliers BH and Interflex are increasing the production of flexible printed circuit boards. Moreover, Apple is reportedly in negotiations with Samsung Electro-Mechanics for the same parts as well.

The three supplier companies are all suppliers for Samsung Display, which is rumored to be the only OLED supplier for Apple's 2017 iPhone 8. These flexible printed circuit boards should start shipping in the second quarter of 2017 and providers will reportedly deliver between 60 and 70 million part next year alone. Samsung Display's OLED module plant in Vietnam will apparently be in charge of assembling the parts.

It remains to be seen which reports will turn out to be accurate, especially since the iPhone 7 was also rumored to sport an OLED display, but all signs point to a beastly iPhone 8 with great improvements all around. Considering that the iPhone 8 will mark the iPhone's 10th anniversary since the first iPhone ever hit the market back in 2007, it would make sense for Apple to go all in with the 2017 iPhone to mark the occasion.

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