Apple has a new tool for the iPhone 6s shutdown issue, allowing users to check whether they're eligible to get a battery replacement for their device.

Less than two weeks ago, Apple launched an iPhone 6s battery replacement program, as an increasing number of users were reporting that their iPhone 6s was suddenly shutting down for no apparent reason. At the time, Apple said the issue only affected a fraction of iPhone 6s units, but the problem might be more widespread than originally thought. The company also said the issue only affected iPhone 6s units made between September and October 2015.

Is Your iPhone 6s Eligible For A Battery Replacement?

Following up with that program, Apple's latest tool now enables iPhone 6s owners to verify whether their smartphone qualifies for a free battery replacement by checking the unit's IMEI number against Apple's database.

With the new tool in place, owners of iPhone 6s units experiencing sudden shutdowns can now enter their device's serial number on Apple's updated page for the iPhone 6s repair program and see whether their device is indeed affected by the issue. If it is, Apple will replace the smartphone's battery for free.

Eligibility Requirements

Once you check your device's serial number, you can get a free battery replacement from Apple if your iPhone 6s is deemed eligible and if it's in good working condition. If your smartphone has a cracked screen, for instance, it could impair the battery replacement, and the screen should be fixed prior to the battery.

To get the free battery replacement, iPhone 6s owners with an eligible unit can visit an Apple retail store, an Apple Authorized Service Provider or contact Apple Support for further assistance.

Customers who have already paid to replace their iPhone 6s battery because their smartphone was suddenly shutting down can get their money back, as Apple says it will reimburse the repair costs if the smartphone was eligible for the free battery replacement.

iOS Battery Issues Affecting Other iPhone Models

While Apple has acknowledged that some iPhone 6s units have a faulty battery and has offered to replace it, the company has yet to offer a solution for other iPhone models plagued by battery issues.

Owners of various iPhone models have been complaining of a nasty battery bug that drained their smartphone's battery to around the 30 percent mark, but a fix for this issue has yet to become available. At the same time, many iPhone owners have also complained about iOS audio issues that rendered their devices mute, and this issue seems to be going on for quite some time now.

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