Apple has been reported to be working on the next-gen iMacs for a while now. However, the refreshed all-in-one device did not debut at the company's October event, fanning rumors that the revamped lineup of the iMac would be launched in 2017.

The upgraded iMac is anticipated to be unveiled at the next Apple event in March 2017, which could also see the arrival of the iPad Pro 2.

The last released models of the uber-thin iMac are the 2015 models. The 27-inch variant boasts 5K Retina display, AMD graphics and houses a Skylake processor. The 21.5-inch model touts a 4K Retina display and a Broadwell chipset.

The iMac 2015 models did not get any design overhaul and, therefore, Apple fans would be hoping that the iMac 2017 does not disappoint on this count.

We check out the rumored specs, features and purported release of the iMac 2017. Is the desktop PC worth waiting for? Should fans be excited? Let's find out!


The iMac 2017 will reportedly boast a 5K Retina display for the 27-inch model, just like the 2015 model. However, the new iMac will offer support for an OLED Touch Bar, which Apple has included in its new MacBook Pro.

Rumors point to the iMac housing the Kaby Lake processor from Intel. However, these processors are not expected to be ready till end 2016. This has also been cited as one of the reasons for the iMacs being a no-show in the October event.

According to a new report, Apple could bypass the Kaby Lake processor in favor of Intel's Xeon. This processor is presently deployed by top-end workstations and servers, which are apparently equipped to support error-correcting code memory.

While the Intel Xeon processor may be an impressive addition to the new iMac, it could result in the price of the device getting bumped up.


The iMac 2017 is also rumored to pack in support for VR or virtual reality and a powerful GPU to offer an enhanced user experience. The device will reportedly house either a Polaris 11 or Polaris 10 GPU from AMD.

The upcoming iMac will also allegedly deploy full flash storage and be slimmer and lighter than the previous gen versions.

It is also expected to tout a Touch ID and a USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3 ports.


Rumors are rife that the new iMacs would be making their debut in early 2017, possibly Q1 2017. Some reports hint at the possibility of CES 2017 debut for the iMacs, but we doubt the probability.

Apple is widely expected to take the wraps off the iPad Pro 2 in spring 2017 and we could see the new iMacs make their debut at the same time. Considering Apple has launched devices in March in the past, this does not seem improbable.

With the iMac 2017 packing in possible firsts, fans of the device have plenty to look forward to. Whether the device will live up to the expectations remains to be seen.

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