Apple is all set to hold a big event on Oct. 27 and it's expected to unveil its latest MacBooks, including the much-touted MacBook Pro, but no iMac or display.

According to trusted analyst Ming-chi Kuo, who proved to be correct with many predictions in the past, Apple will use the upcoming media event to take the wraps off a new 13-inch MacBook, as well as a new MacBook Pro in 13- and 15-inch models.

Kuo believes that Apple will not introduce a new iMac or the rumored 5K external display until next year.

The 13-inch MacBook should hit the scene as a successor to the 12-inch Retina MacBook that made its debut in 2015 and got an upgrade in April this year.

The main attraction of the event, however, is expected to be the 15-inch MacBook Pro, which will reportedly rock some top-notch specs and features. Leaks and rumors so far have indicated that this model will sport a Retina display, Touch ID, upgraded internals and an OLED function row right above the keyboard. You can check out Tech Times' earlier coverage for a more comprehensive roundup of what we know so far about the MacBook Pro.

Both the 13- and the 15-inch MacBook Pro models should feature the OLED touch bar and Touch ID sensor, as well as a Thunderbolt 3 port and the same butterfly keyboard design found on the 2015 MacBook.

Kuo also added some new details on what he expects to see in the upcoming MacBooks. The analyst says Apple should equip the MacBook Pro with Intel Skylake processors, an oxide panel for better energy efficiency and superior display quality despite the same resolution, and a new 2 TB SSD storage option. Moreover, Kuo also hints at an Apple Watch-like processor to control the OLED touch bar more efficiently, and a USB Type-C and MagSafe-like adapter either from Apple or a third-party supplier.

MacBook Pro models aside, it remains unclear at this point just what the 13-inch MacBook will bring to the table. Other than the fact that it will succeed the 2015 12-inch MacBook, little else is known. This model could turn out to be a MacBook Air updated with new USB Type-C ports, but it remains to be seen.

Moving on to the desktop scene, Apple is rumored to be working on new iMac models with discrete AMD graphics, as well as a new standalone, external 5K display. According to Kuo, however, Apple will not be announcing the new iMacs or display until the first half of 2017.

It's tough to tell for sure whether these predictions are accurate or not, but we'll find out soon enough. Apple's Oct. 27 event is just around the corner and we'll get the real scoop straight from the source, but it's best to take all rumors, predictions and reports with a grain of salt until then.

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