LeVar Burton is a man who is mainly known for his role on the hit children's TV show Reading Rainbow. He's also known for his role in Roots and Star Trek as Lt. Cmdr. Geordi La Forge. However, after today, Burton will also be known for something else entirely.

Recently, the former Reading Rainbow star gave an excellent reading of the 2011 children book Go the F--- to Sleep. He did the deed in front of a group of adults who sat before him on the floor, similar to the children of Reading Rainbow.

Someone managed to catch a video of the whole thing in action, and posted it on YouTube. So far, the video has amassed over 740,000 views and counting. Adults seem to love the stuff while some others feel he should not have done it since he's a man looking to get Reading Rainbow up and running again.

Some even went as far as to deem Burton sexist, due to him sitting on a chair, while several women sat on the floor in front of him. Don't be too surprised about what we're saying here; just know that the comments section on YouTube is filled with crazy comments that never ends.

There are several other crazy comments, but too much for us to talk about here.

Bear in mind that Burton is not the first high-profile celebrity to have read the Adam Mansbach children's book. We understand that Samuel L. Jackson and Werner Herzog have done it in the past, though, we have to say that Jackson's version is the best of all.

It is great to watch LeVar Burton reading Go the F--- to Sleep as the adults in front of him laugh away with every F-Bomb. It's a fun book to read, probably not for reading to children, but fun to read nonetheless.

Samuel L. Jackson confirmed that he read the book to his daughter in hopes to get her sleeping, but it never worked. Though, she did recite one line back to him, and it is not difficult to guess which one.

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