Pokémon GO is all jazzed up with new Pokémon, but you have to hatch some eggs to get the new baby pocket monsters.

Niantic released the first major update to Pokémon GO on Dec. 12 as expected, rolling out the highly anticipated content expansion complete with some new Pokémon to boot.

The update drew some criticism because players were expecting more Pokémon and additional features, but Niantic has yet to address complaints. Until it does, here's how to get a hold of the new Pokémon that joined the game.

New Pokémon

To start adding new Gen 2 Pokémon to your Pokédex, first of all you might want to get rid of all of your old eggs. The new baby Pokémon include Cleffa, Igglybuff, Pichu, Magby, Togepi, Smoochum, and Elekid, but you can only hatch them from eggs acquired after the Dec. 12 Pokémon GO update.

Pokémon GO doesn't offer any option to get rid of old eggs without hatching them, so you can either start doing some serious walking to hatch all of your old eggs before putting new ones in the incubator, or take a chance and incubate a new egg along with the old ones and try to keep track of which is which.

How To Get New Pokémon Eggs

To get the new Pokémon eggs, you don't have to do anything different than before. Just go to a PokéStop and tap on your smartphone screen to spin for the freebie. You won't get eggs with each spin, so keep trying.

If you don't have many PokéStops in your area, just walk around the PokéStop you do have — it will eventually reset and you might get an egg.

How To Hatch New Pokémon From Eggs

Once you've grabbed eggs from PokéStops, it's time to start placing them in incubators and go for long walks. Hatching 2-km eggs gives you a shot at adding Cleffa and Igglybuff to your Pokédex, 5-km eggs could hatch Togepi or Pichu, while 10-km eggs could hatch Elekid, Magby, or Smoochum.

That said, there's no guarantee than each egg will yield a Gen 2 Pokémon. You might have to hatch a number of eggs before getting one of the cute new baby Pokémon, so arm yourself with patience (or more incubators to hatch more eggs at the same time).

With three Pokémon available only by hatching 10-km eggs, it might take a while to fill up that Pokédex so you'd better start walking. Niantic promised to add more Pokémon in the coming months, but that's it for now. There's also a holiday event that puts a festive hat on Pikachu until Dec. 29, to celebrate this jolly time of year.

If you already hatched one of the new Pokémon, tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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