Most high-end smartphones these days typically have fingerprint scanners, but this feature is not usually incorporated in laptops. This may all change, however, with the entrance of the Chromebook Eve.

Having a built-in fingerprint scanner will allow a user to access the computer without having to type in a password.

The up-and-coming Chromebook Eve will reportedly be equipped with an integrated fingerprint scanner, the first of its kind to carry this hardware, Chrome Unboxed reports.

Chromebooks are not for everyone. Instead of running operating systems such as Windows 10 and Mac OS X, Chromebooks run in Google's Chrome OS. They are also known for their simplicity and affordability; their cheap price is made possible because they don't have a lot of storage. This is why most applications and documents need to be stored on the cloud.

However, with a new Chromebook in the works that promises all the bells and whistles of a fingerprint scanner and a faster processor to boot, the brand is now in a position to grow its customer base exponentially.

What We Know So Far About 'Eve'

Aside from the fingerprint scanner, the Chromebook Eve will also have Intel's seventh-generation Kaby Lake processor. It is only recently that Kaby Lake processors are finding their way into mainstream computing devices as manufacturers are now incorporating these chips into high-end Chromebook products.

These state-of-the-art processors guarantee a smoother experience and are more energy-efficient. They also come with an improved driver compatibility that is much better than their predecessors, the sixth-generation Skylake processors.

The Chromebook Eve will also come with a 2,400 x 1,600 display resolution, which is the same as the Samsung Pro.

Very little is known about the new Chromebook, and its manufacturer remains a mystery as well. However, Kaby Lake could be using the same support code from Glados, which is the same baseboard used in the Skylake chips. This could mean that Skylake and Kaby Lake are probably similar from the inside, although the latter could serve as a prototype for future Kaby Lake devices.

For people who are not fans of having a fingerprint reader on their Chromebooks, the great news is that there are other Chromebooks coming out that are equipped with stylus support.

Waiting For 'Eve'

Since there is little information to go by, nothing is official yet and changes could still be made on this particular Chromebook. For anyone interested in owning a Chromebook, now may not be the best time to purchase one.

It will be best to wait until the new Chromebooks are launched next year, or when further announcements about Chromebook Eve have been made. One thing is for sure, though. The addition of a Kaby Lake processor could very well put Chromebooks in the spotlight.

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