Nintendo's 'Super Mario Run' Downloaded 2.85 Million Times On The First Day


Nintendo is having a lot of success in the mobile market so far. Pokémon GO was the first, and with Super Mario Run, the company is continuing down the path of success, and we see no end in sight. To sell this a little further, a recent report has claimed that Super Mario Run was downloaded over 2.85 million times on the iOS platform on day one.

This is the fastest growth in a single day for a Nintendo game on mobile devices. Pokémon GO was downloaded over 900,000 times on its first day, but it could have been higher if the game was released in as many markets as Super Mario Run. You see, Super Mario Run was released in 150 countries at launch, while only three countries got the chance to take advantage of Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO was later released in additional countries, so right now it's pretty difficult to know if it would have achieved better numbers than Super Mario Run.

The firm known as Apptopia came up with the Super Mario Run numbers, which means it's not official until Nintendo makes a formal announcement, if ever.

Super Mario Run Breaking Records

At the moment, the game holds the record for most first-week downloads in the Apple App Store, according to The Verge. While the numbers are looking great right now, we can't base the metrics alone on the success of the game. One should take into consideration that while the game is free to download, it's not entirely free.

After ending the first two levels, the game will require the player to make a one-time payment of $9.99 to unlock the full game. We can't be certain how many iOS owners will be willing to throw down that amount for a game that can be played with a single finger. Just tap the screen, and well, that's about it for gameplay.

The success of Super Mario Run is very important to Nintendo as it could allow for more consumers to get involved with more in-depth Mario titles. The Nintendo Switch is destined for a March 2017 release, and it will no doubt have a Mario game at some point.

Nintendo will have the chance to evolve Mario in new ways based on the data collected from Super Mario Run. Don't be surprised if some features from the mobile game is brought over to the bigger and better Mario game on the Switch. If it works, why not take advantage of it and use it elsewhere.

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