One of Apple's main talking points when selling its devices involves a huge library of apps to choose from and this is the case for the Apple Watch. Unfortunately, a huge chunk of these apps are not exactly worth your while and having to sift through the seemingly endless list could prove a chore.

Here are some gems in the App Store that we have found to get you started especially if you are new to the watchOS or the Apple Watch platform.

Google Maps

As a wearable, the Apple Watch is the most accessible device when you are on the road. For this reason, its Google Maps app can help you quickly navigate to your destination especially if you are in the middle of a moving massive body of people wherein browsing your big smartphone could prove to be an inconvenience. While it does not show maps, the app offers direction and could pull info from routes previously logged on your phone. What is even more awesome is that it is free.


This app will work best for the forgetful bunch. It will store your passwords or a reminder and will allow you to use an icon for quicker identification. For even quicker access, you can put the entries directly into the watch face by setting it as a Complication. It is free but it also offers in-app purchases.

Fantastical 2

This app is an excellent reminder tool. It not only displays your appointments and schedules but there is also the capability to add entries. Since the display is too small, just dictate a new appointment by way of Force Touch. You will be surprised how well this tool can interpret your spoken commands. Fantastical 2 costs $2.99.


As Facebook's messaging app for the Apple Watch, there is really nothing more to say about this especially if you are heavily invested into the world's largest social network. One of its most useful feature is the ability to quickly respond to messages. Just tap the thumbs up for quick reply or dictate a response. Smileys are also supported. This is free as a matter of course.


This app is one of the highest rated calculators for the Apple Watch. For those who have been around since the 80s and 90s, this should remind you of the calculator watch rage back then. It can be opened quickly and used as a third screen for calculations. Here's a tip: you can use the crown to set inputs. This costs $9.99.

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather in our book trounces even Apple's own weather app mainly because it scans really well. It provides weather information clearly and has sensible interface: scroll for the week's forecast and tap to get more information.

Best of all, this $3.99 app could be the key to brighten an otherwise gloomy weather. The reason is that it is being commandeered by a snarky AI that seems to hold humans in utter contempt. You'd probably get a good laugh when its starts quipping things like it "s*cks to be you" if rain is imminent.


A number of Apple Watch games fail to provide effective gameplay because they try to replicate the traditional gaming interface. Lifeline bucks this trend as it cleverly uses the device's push notifications to narrate a tale that unravels according to your own decisions. This game is free but another version called Lifeline 2 costs money.

Twisty Color

Now this game can be quite addictive. This could be because of the unique but effective game control. You will be using the digital crown instead of tapping the minuscule display. The idea is simple: you will be rotating a Twister so that it matches the colour of incoming bullets.

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