Mei's Snowball Offensive Tips And Tricks: Here's How To Own Opponents In The New 'Overwatch' Mode


Blizzard recently launched the Winter Wonderland update for Overwatch, adding a variety of holiday-themed content to the massively popular multiplayer shooter.

It was widely expected that climatologist hero Mei would play a prominent role in Winter Wonderland, given that she wields a frost gun and has skills that utilize ice. When the holiday update was released, fans of Mei were disappointed with the legendary skin that she received, but were treated to the event-exclusive brawl, Mei's Global Offensive

Mei's Global Offensive Rules

The rules for Mei's Global Offensive are simple, but they combine to make for fun but intense rounds of team matches

In Mei's Global Offensive, all gamers play as Mei, and all matches take place in the Ecopoint: Antarctica map. The games are six-on-six single-elimination matches, with each player staying down after being taken out until the next round. The first team to reach three rounds with the last Mei standing will claim victory.

The major mechanic in Mei's Global Offensive is the snowball launcher of Mei, which replaces her usual frost gun. The weapon is capable of firing a single snowball, and once used, players will need to reload their snowball launcher in one of the snow piles that can be found around the map.

All it takes to eliminate an opponent is one hit from the snowball launcher. Mei's ultimate has also been replaced in the mode, allowing players to continuously fire once it is activated without the need to reload, for an endless volley of deadly snowballs.

Mei's Global Offensive Tips And Tricks

To own opponents in Mei's Global Offensive here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind.

* A snowflake over a player's head reveals that his or her snowball launcher is loaded. Players who come across enemies without a snowflake above their head are not a threat and can be ignored, unless they are moving closer toward a reloading station.

* While reloading, players can look around as long as they hold on to the reload button. Players can use the Ice Wall skill to protect themselves while reloading, and can also interrupt opponents from reloading by using the Ice Wall on them.

* Snowballs launch at an arc, which means that players will need to aim a bit above their intended target. The snowballs also travel slowly, so players will have to anticipate the movements of their enemies and shoot their weapon a few steps ahead.

* The charge of Mei's ultimate will carry over between rounds. Players should wait for the perfect time to activate their ultimate, as an endless stream of one-shot ammo is very powerful.

* Using the Ice Block skill will protect players from an incoming snowball. It is also important to know that players can end the Ice Block skill early, so that once they hear that a nearby opponent has used his or her snowball, they can cancel the skill and fire back with a snowball of their own.

* To get the Ambush and Cool as Ice achievements for the mode, the best way is to follow enemies that do not have ammo and launch a surprise attack while they attempt to reload. The Whap achievement, however, takes a bit of practice and luck, but launching a snowball from above an Ice Wall could help.

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