Christmas In Space: ISS Crew Send 2016 Holiday Message


As a custom, NASA released a video message of Christmas wishes coming from six out of three NASA astronauts who are aboard the International Space Station during this year's holiday season.

Astronauts On Board ISS Enjoy Holiday In Space

Six NASA astronauts enjoyed their Christmas holiday weightlessly floating inside a lab that is revolving around the Earth at the speed of 17,500 miles per hour (28,000 kilometers per hour). Like people on Earth, they celebrated the holiday relaxing, opening gifts, having special meals, and talking to family and friends. The astronauts received gifts at the space station sent from their homes. The gifts were delivered a few days ago by a Japanese cargo supply ship.

Unlike other earthlings, the astronauts were lucky enough to take a glimpse of 15 Christmas mornings in just one day, as the spacecraft they are on board is going around Earth every 92 minutes.

NASA Released Video Message By Astronauts On ISS

The Christmas wishes sent by NASA astronauts from the space were released by NASA on Dec. 22. The video message showed three NASA astronauts Peggy Whitson, Shane Kimbrough, and Thomas Pesquet wishing and sharing interesting details on their past and present Christmas celebrations.

Kimbrough, Expedition 50 commander, shared his holiday experience traveling up to meet his extended family in Georgia, or sometimes to Colorado or Florida. He said his holiday was all about family and the aspects of sharing and giving time and resources to the less fortunate people.

Meanwhile, French astronaut Pesquet talked about missing his family of 25 cousins and the huge holiday meal prepared by his grandmother every year. He revealed his plan to catch up with his family on call. He added that he would enjoy the holiday with the fellow crew members and share their Christmas meals together this time on board ISS.

Whitson, who is serving her third long duration assignment to ISS, also conveyed her Christmas message. "Obviously friends and family are important to all of us. But besides funny hats there is another very important aspect of being on [the] ISS, and that's seeing the planet as a whole, and it actually reinforces, I think, that the fact that we should live as one people and strive for peace," said Whitson in the video.

Astronauts On Board ISS Boast Their Christmas Feast

In the video message released by NASA, the astronauts on board displayed their Christmas meals. Whitson was seen releasing a packet of dehydrated mashed potatoes into microgravity while holding on to packages of hot cocoa and cider. Kimbrough was noticed holding packets of fruit salad, potatoes, turkey, and green beans, while Pesquet, from European Space Agency, was seen floating by his side donning a Santa hat.

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