A number of iPhone, iPod, and iPad users experienced battery draining issues after updating their devices to iOS 10. Five software updates later, the tech company still has not been able to resolve its battery issue. The latest iteration of the iOS 10 is the iOS 10.2, launched earlier this month.

Dubbed the "30% bug," the issue happens whenever an iPhone updated to iOS 10 reaches the 30% battery charge mark then dies all of a sudden.

Apple Admits There Is A Problem

What made users even more frustrated is Apple's inability to address the battery issue despite succeeding software updates that came after iOS 10. Unfortunately, other people said that their battery draining problem worsened after upgrading their phones to iOS 10.2.

Apple acknowledged that there is indeed a battery problem but limited it to just a small batch of iPhone 6s. The company also said there is no indication that the problem was widespread and that it included other iPhone models.

What Apple Is Doing To Fix The Problem

Apple has a battery diagnostics tool that was not included in the release notes for iOS 10.2, which could help the company diagnose and fix the problem once and for all. Those who have signed up for the tool can freely send data to Apple, which will help the company figure out the root cause of the problem.

Early beta testers of the iOS 10.2.1 also have a positive response on what the software update did on their phone's battery life.

"I signed up as an iOS beta tester and I'm currently on 10.2.1. My iPhone 6 is on 11% now and should've died. It has drained fast but it seems like it doesn't die at 30-50% any more. Not sure if Apple really fixed it but I haven't been at 11% without major percentage drops and shutdowns for a long time," user hko2333 posted on an Apple Support forum.

The combination of the diagnostics tool and the official launch of iOS 10.2.1 could present a permanent fix in Apple's battery issue.

How To Sign Up For Apple's Beta Release

The beta release is currently available to those who are registered in Apple's Beta Software Program. The company has been vague on what the software update will bring to the devices, and there is no official word yet on when the iOS 10.2.1 will be released to the public.

Hopefully it will be sooner than later so that users will know for sure if the update will bring a much-need fix. Otherwise, this will only dampen enthusiasm for the upcoming release of the iPhone 8.

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