GTA V Online is opening 2017 with a bang after its recent update has unleashed an awesome motorbike and would let you participate in an insane new mode, complete with fresh getups and deadly power-ups.

FCR 1000

The new ride is called Pegassi FCR 1000 and it is already endearing itself to fans for its throwback but highly customizable design. You will surely not require a mod for this as it is already an eyecandy.

To get it, just head to Benny's Original Motorworks after the DLC download where the stock vehicle is listed for GTA$ 135,000.

"Treading the fine line between old-school, no-frills engineering and over-priced hipster-bait, Pegassi's FCR is every bike to every man," folks at Benny's helpfully stated. "Benny's unique upgrade harnesses all that poise and efficiency beneath a mid-century, stripped-back military aesthetic."

Aside from its novelty, the FCR 1000 is seen by some observers as an indication that GTA V Online is expanding the stable of two-wheeled rides in-game.

Vehicle Vendetta

This new adversary mode is a fitting update for the New Year. It features enough fireworks with an abundance of exploding things such as bombs, rockets, launchers, the whole nine yards. There are even interesting items such as Flipped, a power-up capable of reversing the opponent's steering, acceleration, and braking controls.

The Deadline power-up, on the other hand, will automatically transform you onto the Nagasaki Shotaro, leaving behind a devastating light trail.

It is, therefore, clear how the concept is trying to combine vehicular battle with an array of power-ups that can get you dying one moment only to transform into a beast in a blink of an eye. The game mechanics allow a really unpredictable outcome that will surely get some adrenaline pumping into your system.

If this type of pyrotechnics is your thing, you will have a hard time resisting because Rockstar has further thrown additional perks in the mix. You will now have double GTA$ and RP, an offering that will last until Jan. 17.

More GTA V Online Deals

To sweeten the deal even more, Rockstar is also offering a number of items with drastically reduced prices from Jan. 3 to 16. For example, you will get a 25 percent discount on the Special Vehicle Warehouse Renovations and Special Cargo as well as varying discounts on bombs and ammos.

As you are probably aware, the new DLC meant that Rockstar has taken away the snow, which means, you can no longer play with snowballs. However, you can still avail of the fireworks launcher given away for free to reward players for logging in.

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