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GTA V: Rockstar Teases New Online Content, Rumor Hints You Can Purchase Nightclubs In Next Major Update

A new tweet from an insider teased that 'GTA V' will get a new update featuring nightclubs. Meanwhile, Rockstar Games posted a cryptic announcement that involves four electronic music artists.

Video Games May 30, 2018

This Xbox One X Deal Gets You Two Games And Extra Controller For $500

Newegg has an Xbox One X deal for $500 that includes ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ and ‘Destiny 2.’ Hurry, though, because there are only limited units available.

Video Games March 5, 2018

Take-Two: Grand Theft Auto V Sells 90 Million Units, CEO Says Company Is ‘Focused On Players, Not Payers’

Take-Two Interactive has confirmed that ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ has shipped 90 million copies globally. So what makes the game such a success? CEO Strauss Zelnick explains.

Video Games February 8, 2018

GTA Online Data Miners Spot 'Red Dead Redemption 2' Mission In 'The Doomsday Heist' Update

New data mined code from 'The Doomsday Heist' update for 'GTA Online' revealed some content related to another Rockstar game. A new mission reportedly allows players to encounter a challenge that involves a 'Red Dead Redemption 2' item.

Video Games December 15, 2017

Grand Theft Auto V Has Now Sold More Copies In The US Than Any Other Game

'Grand Theft Auto V' is now the best-selling video game of all time in the United States, taking over the throne last held by 'Wii Sports' for the Nintendo Wii. Why are players still interested in a 4-year-old title?

Video Games November 8, 2017

Grand Theft Auto V Gets A Bunch Of New Content: Transform Races Mode, Dogfight, And More

'Grand Theft Auto V' is about to get a lot of updates soon, starting with the much-awaited Transform Races later this October. Rockstar has a lot planned to keep 'GTA Online' players pretty happy in the coming months.

Video Games October 9, 2017

11-Year-Old Buys Second-Hand Copy Of 'GTA V' From GameStop, Gets A Free Bag Of Meth

An 11-year-old boy who purchased a second-hand copy of 'Grand Theft Auto V' discovered a small packet containing a white substance hidden in the manual's pages. The substance turned out to be methamphetamine, or meth.

Video Games May 10, 2017

'Red Dead Redemption 2' Heading To PS4 And Xbox One In October

Online retailer GameSeek has posted the purported release date of ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ as Oct. 20, 2017. The game is supposed to be launched in fall 2017 and this date may comply with the report.

Video Games January 23, 2017

'GTA V' Modding Tool OpenIV Adds The Complete Liberty City To The Game

A team of developers seeks to port the entire Liberty City map into 'GTA V.' Using the OpenIV modding system and openFormats, they aim to release the project as soon as possible.

Video Games January 3, 2017

'GTA V' Online Mode Update Adds New Vehicle Vendetta Mode, FCR 1000 Motorcycle, And More

The new DLC for 'GTA V' online features a new highly customizable FCR 1000 and a deathmatch mode littered with explosive power-ups. They are complemented by big discounts on gears and items that are being offered for a limited time.

Video Games January 3, 2017

The Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Becomes The Best Weapon In This 'GTA V' Mod

Modder HitmanNiko swapped out the sticky bomb in ‘GTA V’ for the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to create one of the best and entertaining weapons in the game.

Video Games October 4, 2016

GTA 5 Online Bikers DLC Release Date Set Oct. 4 For PS4, Xbox One And PC

GTA 5’s Bikers DLC will be out in October. Based on a leak by famous gaming tipster Ross, Rockstar Games adds 18 days to the initial teaser announcement in order to come up with the launching date.

Internet September 28, 2016

'GTA 5' Next Online Mode Expansion Gets Exciting Gameplay Trailer: Check This Out [Video]

Rockstar Games announced the latest expansion for 'GTA 5' dubbed 'Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.' The DLC sets the track for gamers to become CEOs of Criminal Enterprise, and there will be many ways to get there.

Video Games June 3, 2016

Watch 'Battlefield 1' Announcement Trailer Hilariously Recreated In 'Grand Theft Auto V'

YouTube user J57F remade the 'Battlefield 1' trailer shot-for-shot in Los Santos — a fictional city based on Los Angeles — with such accuracy.

Video Games May 12, 2016

Xbox One Deals: Best Buy And GameStop Offer Free 'GTA V' When You Buy New Console

Gamers buying new Xbox One consoles can get a free copy of 'Grand Theft Auto V' if they buy from Best Buy or GameStop. The offer also comes with a Great White Shark Cash Card, which can be used in 'Grand Theft Auto Online.'

Video Games March 14, 2016

PlayStation Store Rockstar Sale: 'GTA V' For $39 And More Discounted Games For PS4, PS3, PSP And PS Vita

The PlayStation Store is holding a massive sale over the weekend specifically for Rockstar Games. That means every game of the 'Grand Theft Auto' series can be had for as much as 80 percent off until Feb. 23.

Video Games February 20, 2016

'GTA V' In VR Might Be Too Real For Comfort

A developer has published a GIF on his site capturing a scene from his 'Grand Theft Auto V' virtual reality mod that might make gamers feel a bit guilty. Here is why.

Video Games February 20, 2016

Lemmy Kilmister Tribute 'GTA V' Mod Is Ready To Rock Your Game Experience [Video]

After a petition started making rounds to put Lemmy Kilmister in the Periodic table as the heavy metal 'Lemmium' element that he was, three fans now found another way to pay their tribute. A Lemmy Kilmister 'GTA V' mod is now available to rock your game experience, so check this out.

Video Games January 16, 2016

This 'GTA V' Mod Brings 'Watch Dogs' To Los Santos

Modder JulioNIB created a mod that combines elements from 'Watch Dogs' into the world of 'Grand Theft Auto V.'

Geek January 11, 2016

GTA V Mod Adds 4K Visuals And More: Check Out 'The Pinnacle Of V'

A new mod for the PC variant of 'Grand Theft Auto V' brought stunning visuals, improved gameplay and more. Gamers hailed 'The Pinnacle of V' for its immersive gameplay, 4K textures and neat improvements to the world of Los Santos.

Video Games December 1, 2015

Steam Exploration Sale Day 3: 'GTA V,' 'Call Of Duty,' 'Assassin's Creed,' 'The Witcher' And More

Steam is offering big discount on many video game titles as part of its Exploration Sale. Popular games such as 'GTA V,' 'Call Of Duty,' 'Assassin's Creed' and more are available at discounted rates.

Video Games November 28, 2015

GTA Online Gets 'Running Back' Adversary Mode To Honor Thanksgiving Football Tradition

GTA announced the new ‘Running Back’ Adversary Mode for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers. Inspired by American football, the new mode arrives just in time for Thanksgiving.

Video Games November 26, 2015

'Back To The Future' Meets 'GTA V' In This Video Tribute

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the release of 'Back To The Future', 'GTA V' and Rockstar have created a video tribute that recreates one of the franchise's most iconic scenes.

Movies/TV Shows October 20, 2015

Authentic DeLorean Mod For 'GTA V' Actually Travels Through Time

The DeLorean from 'Back to the Future' is one of storytelling's most iconic time machines of all time. Now you can drive your own into the past or future thanks to a nifty 'Grand Theft Auto V' mod.

Geek September 12, 2015

Massive Star Destroyer Hovers Over Los Santos In Latest 'Grand Theft Auto' Mod

Put a 'Star Wars' Star Destroyer into 'Grand Theft Auto V' mod. The enormous ship will hover over Los Santos, striking an imposing shadow over the city.

Geek September 1, 2015

N.W.A.'s 'Straight Outta Compton' Gets Recreated As A 'GTA V' Music Video

After a box office-smashing weekend, the N.W.A. biopic 'Straight Outta Compton' gets a 'Grand Theft Auto V' makeover.

Geek August 17, 2015

The 'GTA V' Gang Star As 'Scooby-Doo' Characters In This Opening Sequence Remake

The Mystery Incorporated gang get a San Andreas makeover in this 'Scooby-Doo' and 'GTA V' crossover.

Geek August 6, 2015

GTA V Humane Labs Heists Offer Double RP And Double GTA$ From July 20 To 26

Rockstar has announced double the RP and GTA$ for GTA V Humane Labs all throughout the week, until Sunday, July 26. Other neat incentives are in place as well.

Video Games July 22, 2015

Rockstar Outs Patch To Fix 'GTA V' For PC Frame Rate Issues

A week after reports of the PC version of GTA V suffering from 'considerable' frame rate issues emerged, Rockstar Games outed a patch that will counter the problem.

Video Games July 22, 2015

GTA V Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 DLC Money Glitch Allows Gamers To Duplicate Their Cars

One 'GTA V' Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 DLC money glitch' has escaped patches and allows players to duplicate their cars. Here's how it works.

Video Games July 17, 2015

Watch The 'Full House' Intro Recreated In 'GTA V'

A YouTuber recreated the opening intro of season 4 of 'Full House' in 'GTA V' style.

Geek June 12, 2015

'Grand Theft Auto V' Mods Are Fun Except When They Install Malware On Your PC

Installing mods is only fun when they do not install malware on your PC. Some 'Grand Theft Auto V' users are finding out the hard way that the mods install malware on their system.

Video Games May 16, 2015

Grand Theft Auto V For PC Patch 1.01 Fixes Frame Rate Issues, Erroneous Eyebrow, Game Crashes And More

Rockstar Games has released the first patch for Grand Theft Auto V - the PC version, which fixes several problems being reported by players such as the frame rate issue, game crashes, erroneous eyebrow etc.

Geek April 20, 2015

GTA 5 Online Heists Artwork Hints Of Signal Flares, Thermite Bombs, New Vehicles, And More

Leaked images indicate the wait for GTA 5 Online Heists may well be worth it given the array of new weapons and vehicles coming into play.

Video Games February 24, 2015

'Grand Theft Auto' Popularity Boosts Game Maker's Sales Beyond Expectations

Take-Two Interactive's revenue forecasts were too modest, as 'GTA V' and 'NBA 2K15' sold better than expected. More games, including 'GTA V's' Heists component, could help the company enjoy one of its most successful years to date.

Video Games February 4, 2015

Watch 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer Remade in GTA V

A parody of the popular film franchise Star Wars is creating quite a stir on YouTube. "Star Wars The Force Awakens" has been remade in the iconic game GTA V and is a fun watch.

Internet December 23, 2014

Retailers Pull 'Grand Theft Auto V' from Target, Kmart in Australia

Target Australia is pulling video game title 'Grand Theft Auto' from store shelves after receiving feedback from customers that the game shows violence against women. Kmart joins Target in the pullout.

Video Games December 6, 2014

Watch: British Granny's Cathartic Killing Spree In 'Grand Theft Auto V'

Granny's got game. When she found out that British Gas was hiking its prices, she was displeased. She took her anger out on 'Grand Theft Auto V' and it's awesome.

Geek November 26, 2014

'Grand Theft Auto V' Next-Gen Review Roundup: Improving A Masterpiece

How do you make an already fantastic game even better? First-person mode.

Geek November 17, 2014

GTA V soundtrack will come on CD and vinyl, only 5000 copies worldwide

Rockstar announces the limited edition release of its GTA 5 soundtrack. The soundtrack will have CD and vinyl versions and will only have 5,000 copies available worldwide.

Video Games November 5, 2014

'Grand Theft Auto V' release dates for Xbox One, PS4, PC announced

GTA V is launching for the PS4, Xbox One and PCs. The first two will roll out on Nov. 18 this year while the third will be on Jan. 27, 2015.

Video Games September 14, 2014

'Grand Theft Auto V' arriving on PS4, Xbox One Nov. 17, boasting more wildlife, weapons and weather (Video)

Rockstar announces a release date for 'GTA V' on Xbox One and PS4, but keeps the PC crowd hanging on. There is a ton of new content to go along with the touched-up visuals.

Video Games September 12, 2014

GTA Online gets San Andreas Flight School update. Here's what gamers get

Rockstar Games has just released the San Andreas Flight School game update for GTA Online. The latest free update is said to focus primarily on flying.

Video Games August 23, 2014

VGX 2013: And the winners are...

Grand Theft Auto V (or GTA V) has won the coveted Game of The Year award at VGX 2013.

Video Games December 9, 2013

Golden Joysticks 2013 winners revealed: GOTY award goes to GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 has received the coveted Game Of The Year (GOTY) award at the Golden Joysticks 2013.

Video Games October 29, 2013

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