The competition for the best Apple watch accessory just got more intense with Elago's W3 stand. It transforms the smartwatch into the original Macintosh computer while charging on Nightstand mode.

Most accessories offer innovative features to keep up with the smartwatch but Elago went the opposite way and banked into nostalgia on this one. It is a simple and relatively cheap charger stand reminiscent of the iconic computer.

Macintosh Stand

The stand is cleverly designed to make the smartwatch look like a miniature version of the original Macintosh computer with the watch face camouflaged as the monitor. While using the stand, consumers can still access alarm clocks, messaging, and all other features of the watch.

The W3 Stand was originally unveiled last November 2016, but its online presence only skyrocketed recently, which can also mean a boost in sales. The stand is made out of scratch-free silicone material that makes it easier to slide the device in and out of the stand.

It is available in white and black versions. The retail price for the ingenious stand is $13.49 on Elago Store while it sells cheaper on Amazon at $11.99 bundled up with free shipping on Prime.

The Macintosh-transforming stand works in Nightstand mode with devices running on WatchOS 2 or the latest version of the operating system. Elago W3 is also compatible with all the versions included on the Apple watch series including Sport and Edition.

Vintage Design

Elago wants the smartwatch users to view their smart device with nostalgia and with the current popularity of the accessory, their methodology seems to be working. However, the charging cable is not included in the retail price so users still have to rely on the bundled one provided with the purchase of their watch.

Both the Macintosh and the Apple watch are considered as trailblazers during their respective times; with the Mac computer being the first one to introduce the use of the mouse with its graphic user interface. Apple Watch, on the other hand, is reportedly ruling the smartwatch market based on the data released by Kantar Worldpanel last July 2016.

Many third-party companies try to depend on making Apple watch accessories to accelerate their businesses. The Nomad Pod claims to solve the battery problem of the smartwatch while Reserve Strap said they were able to extend the watch's battery life using a secret loophole on the device that was later on resolved by Apple.

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