Imagine combining all viewing sources into one device for easier access and management without having to jump from app to app? Sling TV will do just that with the release of its new set-top AirTV player.

The popularity of tuner box makes the competition more exciting. Reports say that the release of the new Sling TV set-top box AirTV player is confirmed and it is sure to fulfill every cord-cutter's dream. Sling TV currently offers streaming on multiple devices but is working to launch more enticing features for its users.

Streaming Plus OTA TV

The problem with using streaming services is that most of them are unable to offer local channel viewing or OTA TV service through its system. In fact, it was reported that some streaming services were already shut down due to illegal reselling of OTA TV service.

Sling TV found a way to merge local and streaming channels without infringing the law. The company will not technically offer OTA TV service; the user will still rely on their own antenna. Sling TV will only integrate the channel guide into its new AirTV player. The device will be able to receive local channels using its digital antenna.

AirTV Player

The set-top box AirTV player targets users that are willing to leave satellite and cable services behind. With the new set-top box, users can easily view their streaming channels and local TV channels without having to change apps. Although there is no definite release date yet, the AirTV player's launch was already confirmed due to a leaked AirTV landing page on Sling TV website.

"With the AirTV Player, cut the cord and keep the TV experience," the leaked landing page said. "You'll have a single platform for watching Sling TV, Netflix, local channels, and more. Plus, one easy-to-use remote with voice support for your AirTV Player, local OTA channels, and sound systems."

Physically, the set-top box would reportedly come with a Netflix button and a voice-control remote. There will also be a Google button that could mean it might work with Android devices.

Last November, it was revealed that Sling TV would offer a cloud-based DVR service as the competition for internet viewing intensified. This year, the company offered personalized user interface and consumers are likely to see more improvements in the future. The industry is expecting more revelations about the product during the globally anticipated CES tradeshow in January 2017. At the moment, no price point was revealed just yet.

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