Tired of the long lines at your local Walmart checkout counter? Long lines can be a real challenge sometimes, especially if you're in a hurry and you just want to grab a gallon of milk and some bananas, while the people ahead of you in the checkout lane are carrying what seems like a month's worth of groceries.

To address this inconvenience, the retail giant is making a move to make grocery shopping more efficient. Walmart is relaunching a mobile app through another test run this year, which aims to help you avoid long lines during your grocery run. Called "Scan and Go," the mobile app was released on Google's Play Store on Jan. 9.

As more and more mobile apps that simplify routine tasks are being launched every day, retail chain giants such as Walmart are jumping in on the bandwagon; hence, the relaunch of Walmart's 2012 self-checkout mobile app.

How Walmart's 'Scan And Go' Mobile App Works

With the help of the new Walmart "Scan and Go" mobile app, you will be able to cut short your grocery times. The app works as a self-scanning system where all you have to do is to open the app from your phone or tablet, scan the barcode of your items in an in-app shopping cart using your mobile device's camera before dropping them in your trolley. You can also opt to add the grocery item manually if the barcode is not functioning or if you can't find the barcode.

Once you have all of your grocery items scanned, check out your online shopping cart, and pay for your purchases. Simply show the receipt from your phone on your way out.

What makes the app even more convenient is that you will be able to see the running total of the items in your cart, so you will know if you are overspending or staying within the limits of your budget.

'Scan And Go' Mobile App Availability Is Very Limited

At the moment, Walmart's "Scan and Go" mobile app can only be used in Walmart store #5260, which is located in Rogers, Arkansas. However, this could swiftly change if the test run proves to be a hit among the store's customers.

Shoppers won't be the only ones who stand to benefit if the app becomes a success. If "Scan and Go" will be used by more people, and automated payments will be implemented in all of its stores, the company could save a lot of money in cashier wages.

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