Top pop music duo The Chainsmokers have officially passed over one billion YouTube views for their smash 2016 hit song "Closer." The team have also just released a brand-new song entitled "Paris," which they hope matches the success of their previous hits.

Chainsmokers Smash It In 2016

EDM duo, The Chainsmokers, otherwise known as Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, went from strength to strength in 2016. Early in the year, they made their first top ten showing on Billboard's Hot 100, with the infectious "Roses." Then, they released the smash summer EDM anthem "Don't Let Me Down," which proved to be one of summer 2016's top 5 streaming songs. It was "Closer," however, that really put The Chainsmokers on the map, as the song topped both Billboard's Hot 100 and Spotify's streaming charts for weeks on end in the fall of last year.

Now, as the New Year begins, "Closer" has officially hit one billion YouTube views for its lyric video, quite an accomplishment for an artist who was hardly known outside of EDM circles until last year. Until now, only established EDM superstars like Avicii and Major Lazer have achieved such a feat, and it could bode well for The Chainsmokers' brand new "Paris."

New Release "Paris"

The just released song emulates "Closer" in various ways, including the mid-tempo electronic production and rhythms, and vocals courtesy of Taggart, who traded the honors on "Closer" with up and coming female singer Halsey. The tune also resembles "Closer" in its nostalgic, melancholy but ultimately hopeful relationship storytelling, right down to its "If we go down, then we go down together" chorus that mimics the "We ain't ever getting older" refrain of "Closer."

"Paris," however, is not really the official follow-up to "Closer," as The Chainsmokers have released two other songs since their chart-topping feat. "All We Know" was another song closely in the vein of "Closer," which performed quite respectably on the streaming charts but made little national radio impact.

The Chainsmokers then released another new song in November, entitled "Setting Fires," and as we previously reported, the track did not catch on with music fans despite its release as part of a five song EP that included most of their earlier hits. Whether it was the quality of the material or the switch to a more experimental direction that caused the song to underperform is unclear.

The Chainsmokers have now gone back to the old "Closer" formula for success with "Paris." The question, however, is whether the song, so reminiscent of its predecessor, will be able to repeat that success. While some fans might respond to the familiarity of the tune and its theme, others may tire of another retread of what was once a fresh, unique sound. That originality was a big part of "Closer's" appeal, and it will be interesting to see how well "Paris" performs. What do you think? You can watch the lyric video for the new song below.

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