Preorders for the Nintendo Switch are no longer available through GameStop, as the video game retailer has said that it has used up all the allotments that it has received for the upcoming hybrid console.

For gamers in the United States, trying to secure a preorder for the Nintendo Switch from other retailers is also useless, as the hybrid console is already listed as unavailable or out of stock.

Nintendo Switch Preorders No Longer Available

Preorders for the Nintendo Switch were launched in Jan. 13 last week, right after Nintendo's presentation that revealed the hybrid console's price tag of $299 and its global launch date of March 3.

Preorders were made available on GameStop, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. However, upon checking the websites of these retailers, it seems that gamers could no longer send in preorders or reservations for the Nintendo Switch.

GameStop specifically stated that its first allotment of Nintendo Switch preorders have sold out. An image uploaded to Twitter revealed that the retailer is posting announcements on its retail stores on the reservation limit for the hybrid console being reached, though preorders for games and accessories of the Nintendo Switch are still being accepted.

Gamers are given the option by GameStop to sign up to be able to receive future information and details regarding the release of the Nintendo Switch, including its availability and when preorders for the hybrid console will again open.

GameStop did not reveal how many units of the Nintendo Switch were allotted to its stores as part of the preorder period, and only said that it was working closely with Nintendo for the acquisition of additional units of the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch On eBay

Of course, any product with high demand will eventually end up in eBay as people look to make quick cash on preorders that they were able to secure.

Listings for Nintendo Switch preorders are already starting to populate the online auction website, with prices reaching as high as $550, which is $250 more than the retail price of the hybrid console. The lowest price for a Nintendo Switch preorder, as of the time of writing, is at about $400, which is still $100 more than the retail price.

Nintendo Switch Supply Shortage Like The NES Classic Edition

Since the announcement of Nintendo New York last week that it will have a limited quantity of preorders starting Jan. 13, there were already concerns that the Nintendo Switch will suffer from the same supply shortage that plagued the NES Classic Edition.

It can be remembered that the NES Classic Edition frustrated gamers due to the difficulty of purchasing units of the retro gaming console, as Nintendo has not been able to keep up with its massive demand.

Nintendo previously revealed that it will only be releasing 2 million units of the Nintendo Switch upon its launch, an absurdly low number considering all the hype that has surrounded the hybrid console. Nintendo of America President and CEO Reggie Fils-Aime said that 2 million units will be enough for the first month of the Nintendo Switch, but with preorders for the hybrid console quickly running out, that remains to be seen.

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