The NES Classic Edition has just launched, but gamers are already feeling a massive supply shortage for the device.

Nintendo certainly knew about the high demand for the NES Classic Edition, but it seems the company was either not able to or decided not to release the appropriate supply for the $60 retro gaming console.

Whatever the reason may be behind the shortage, this does not bode well at all for the company's upcoming and likewise highly anticipated console, the Nintendo Switch.

NES Classic Edition Sold Out Everywhere

When retail stores in the United States opened their doors for the launch of the NES Classic Edition, they were flooded with long lines for the miniature console. Some locations had their stock sell out within minutes, with many customers having to be turned away due to supply shortage of the device.

Online channels experienced the same thing, as stocks for the NES Classic Edition were depleted almost immediately after being listed.

With the device being sold out everywhere, scalpers have turned to eBay to try to get a sizable profit out of the NES Classic Edition units that they were able to acquire. Listings for the device are going up as high as $999, though most are selling it at anywhere between $200 and $300.

Even at $200 though, customers would be paying more than three times the retail price of the NES Classic Edition. Gamers can try looking at other options such as Amazon and the Nintendo Store in New York City to see if their stocks will be replenished soon, but they should not get their hopes up that they will be able to acquire a NES Classic Edition any time soon.

Nintendo Messed Up With The NES Classic Edition Supply

As Polygon's Christopher Grant wrote, the supply shortage of the NES Classic Edition shows that Nintendo is either underhanded or incompetent.

Nintendo could be limiting the supply of the NES Classic Edition so that the demand and hype for the device is significantly boosted, a move that will bolster sales for the retro gaming console heading into holiday shopping season.

There is also the possibility that Nintendo is just bad at analyzing demand for its products, which is why the Nintendo Wii and the company's amiibos have also experienced supply shortages.

How Does This Affect The Nintendo Switch?

Whatever the real reason is behind the NES Classic Edition shortage, there is a chance that the same supply problems will be experienced for the upcoming Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo said that it is planning to release just 2 million units of the Nintendo Switch upon launch, which is an absurdly low number considering all the hype that is already surrounding the hybrid console despite not all its details being revealed yet.

If such a low number is true for the Nintendo Switch, gamers should expect an even worse supply shortage for the upcoming console compared to what is going on for the NES Classic Edition.

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