If you are an AT&T subscriber, then you could be in for some disappointing news. The U.S. network operator is reportedly looking to hike its upgrade charges.

According to reports, the carrier is poised to increase the upgrade charges from $20 to $25. AT&T will allegedly bring this change into effect on Friday, Jan. 20.

The news comes courtesy of Droid Life, which cites reliable sources.

"Reliable source has informed us that AT&T intends to raise its upgrade and activation fee from $20, to $25 on January 20. This move follows news that Verizon is doing the same, but its fee costs customers $30," notes the publication.

While those looking to upgrade or activate a new smartphone line may be affected, AT&T subscribers who use tablets or wearables from the carrier can breathe easy. The charges for them do not change and will stay put at $45 for the two-year activation plan.

Earlier in January, Tech Times reported that AT&T was eyeing a price hike of $5 for its unlimited data plans. This change was estimated to adversely affect the carrier's subscribers who were tied to the legacy unlimited data plans for years.

This hike comes as a follow up to the raise made by the carrier in August 2016. The hike incorporates a lot of risk, as subscribers find themselves stuck to make the unwanted payment for these extra charges. In 2016, the charges also increased by $5.

AT&T vs Verizon

Even before AT&T had made such an announcement, Verizon raised its upgrade charges to $20. This upgrade fee from Verizon mainly pertained to the payment plan, which was followed by the carrier charging $30 for complete retail purchases.

So by comparison, AT&T is charging an extra $5, which is cheaper when taking into consideration the $20 hike from its rival.

AT&T has been encouraging its data plan subscribers to opt for new plans designed for them. The company believes in surprising its users with a new set of plans that shall include beneficial offers. For instance, AT&T offered hotpot connections to its subscribers, which permitted the sharing of the internet connection with an external device.

Upgrade Charges

For the unfamiliar, this activation and upgrade fee needs to be paid when a new mobile device is purchased and needs the required activation. This is applicable as long as one gets to avail the services and is not planning to take a new phone any time soon.

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