Folks who are tirelessly waiting to give the Apple Watch a spin might have to wait until Spring of 2015. Such a move by Apple could cause a lot of problems for the smartwatch industry as it is viewed that only the Apple device can kick the market into full gear.

Back in September when Apple first announced its smartwatch to the world, the company stated that the device would be ready by early 2015. However, it appears this might not happen, according to 9to5Mac in a recent report.

Apple's failure to launch its smartwatch by early 2015 could lower expectations in the market, making it difficult for other vendors to sell enough devices. Google is there with its Android Wear platform, and several manufacturers are on board. However, we doubt these companies have what it takes to guide the market in the right direction.

"The biggest impact the Apple Watch will have on the holiday sales season is that it will stall the sales of other smartwatch makers," said Patrick Moorhead, president and principal analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy. "Millions of consumers have heard of the Apple Watch, which albeit more expensive, offers considerably higher levels of fashion and function than those watches from Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola or Pebble."

Microsoft recently launched the Microsoft Band, and from what we are seeing, the device is warmly accepted as the best fitness band around. It's not only a fitness band, for it is capable of telling the time grabbing the user's notification. Folks can call this device a blend between a fitness band and a full-blown smartwatch.

If this delay is indeed real, then it would mean that Apple is having serious problems with the device. The Apple Watch is a great looking smartwatch, but from what we have seen of the software, it needed more work, a lot more work.

The battery life of the device is something we're not pleased with either. We expected Apple to focus a lot on making sure users are not forced into a sequence of charging the device every 12 to 24 hours. This is a major problem with smartwatches, and the reason why some of us here at Tech Times are not interested.

Let's hope that whenever Apple chooses to launch the device, it won't turn out to be a massive disappointment.

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