LG G6 Sneak Peek: Top Half Of Smartphone Revealed Ahead Of Feb. 26 Unveiling


LG's latest flagship smartphone, the LG G6, is expected to be unveiled at the upcoming Mobile World Congress, which will be held in Barcelona next month.

LG has released invitations for its Feb. 26 press event at MWC 2017, further drumming up excitement on the announcement of the LG G6.

The company has so far been very secretive on the details regarding its new flagship smartphone, which has sent rumor mills going on overdrive for the LG G6. The Verge, however, claims that it has acquired the first image of the upcoming device, giving consumers a sneak peek on what the LG G6 looks like.

LG G6 Image Acquired By The Verge

The image of the LG G6 that The Verge acquired shows the top half of the smartphone, from which more information regarding the device could be assumed.

From the image, it is apparent that LG has given up on creating a smartphone without antenna bands, as the antenna bands are visible near the top of the LG G6. An even more interesting detail that can be gleaned from the picture, however, is that the display has rounded corners, which is something that was recently seen in the Xiaomi Mi Mix and is rumored to also be found in the display of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S8.

However, the rest of the design of the LG G6 could be said to be a generic one. The curves in the smartphone's metal chassis and the arrangement of its sensors are nothing new, though it is worth noting that the screen-to-bezel ratio of more than 90 percent for the LG G6 made possible with its minimal top bezel is impressive.

The back of the device has not yet been shown though, and so it is unknown if there are any interesting design elements that LG will have there. It has been said that it will have a dual camera with a fingerprint scanner, which has been seen in rendered images by case maker Ghostek.

LG G6 Moves Away From LG G5

LG is said to be focused on design for the LG G6, as the company moves away from the poorly executed modular capabilities and subpar build quality of its predecessor, the LG G5.

The LG G6 is said to be made completely out of metal and glass components, which sees the company departing from the plastic components that have been seen in past flagship devices. It will have a headphone jack, and it will also have waterproofing features. The battery of the LG G6, however, will not be replaceable.

Other LG G6 News

Another recent rumor regarding the LG G6 is that it will be featuring the Google Assistant, as part of a collaboration with Google that looks to boost its lineup of smartphones for 2017. If this rumor is true, LG will be the first smartphone manufacturer that Google will allow to utilize Google Assistant, as the software has only so far been seen in Google's Pixel smartphones.

The LG G6 was also previously said to be safe from overheating issues through the use of copper heat pipes, which has become a necessary promise given the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco that Samsung suffered through.

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