American crime drama TV series "Breaking Bad" is believed to have spiked crystal meth use in entire Europe.

Breaking Bad has received a lot of popularity in the UK and in Europe. The TV series portrays drugs as a negative aspect and also shows its destructive side. However, experts believe that the American TV series has led to the rise of methamphetamine, more commonly known as crystal meth, in many parts of Europe.

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) has revealed that some parts of the EU are getting flooded with crystal meth. EMCDDA pointed out that Germany has witnessed the highest spike of 51 percent in the use of Class-A drugs.

Border security agencies in the UK have also reported that in 2013 there has been 400 percent increased attempts to smuggle the drug in the islands. Police agencies in Britain also revealed that the crystal meth seizures in the country have also increased by four times in the past five years.

Law enforcement agencies in the UK have also raided meth labs in various parts of the country but the majority of the drug is still illegally imported. Police reveals that about 17,000 people are suspected to have used crystal meth in the UK during 2013.

Crystal meth is considered by many people as a socially inferior drug. However, it is a very booming and high profitable market as the drug can be swallowed, sniffed, injected and even smoked.

Professor Ellis Cashmore of the Staffordshire University, who is also an author on celebrity and media culture, blames the success of Breaking Bad for the increase in crystal meth usage. He suggests that the plot of the TV series revolves around the drug, which may appeal to many people.

"Although the show does not go out to glamorise the drug, its very inclusion promotes interest in that substance," says Cashmore. "The fact it is a central premise to almost the entire series would serve to boost this interest for people who perhaps had not encountered it before."

Cashmore pointed out to Jessie, a character in Breaking Bad played by Aaron Paul. Jessie is portrayed as a drug addict in the TV series but in reality he has a big fan following. Cashmore suggests that the character played by Aaron Paul, who loves taking crystal meth, may create curiosity in people to try the highly addictive drug.

Crystal meth is extremely addictive and a person may get addicted to the drug from the first time of use. EMCDDA has urged European Union (EU) members to come forward and take appropriate measures to restrict crystal meth usage, which can likely cause significant harm. 

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