How To Install Kodi And Transfer Files To Nvidia Shield Android TV


Experts have already weighed in on the new NVIDIA Shield Android TV's performance and Tech Times has shared some tips and tricks so Shield TV owners can maximize the streaming box's potential.

Now we're back to give readers and Shield TV owners another set of tips on how to better personalize the device by transferring and accessing your personal media content through Kodi.

So how should one go about leveling up their Nvidia Shield Android TV? The steps are pretty simple but we highly suggest that you have already expanded the device's storage if you are using the basic 16 GB device. If you are still wondering which to choose and you're looking to play your own files just as much as streaming media, you may want to opt for the Pro version with 500 GB storage capacity.

Here's how to install Kodi with Nvidia's Android streaming device:


Installing Kodi on Shield TV is pretty straightforward and only consists of three very easy steps.

1. Open the Google Play Store application from your Nvidia Android Shield TV

2. Search for "Kodi"

3. Install Kodi

Now you have Kodi installed, but wait, there's more! Using the Kodi application, Shield TV owners can either stream content over wi-fi by installing add-ons or transfer files then access the media saved in the internal storage. We will show you how to do the latter.

How to transfer files via Kodi

We mentioned before that the Shield TV can still be connected to your PC so that is already one way to transfer files. However, to do away with cables entirely, Tech Times suggests installing a file manager via Kodi instead. The EFS File Explorer File Manager is easy enough to use and powerful enough to transfer your files from your cloud account to the Shield TV internal storage over wi-fi.

One way to make the experience hassle-free is to organize your files the same way the Shield root system does to its files. That is, by categorizing content and placing them in their respective, aptly named folders such as "Pictures," Music," or "Videos."

If you do that, the only thing left to do once you transferred the files is to set up Kodi.

How to set up Kodi to access transferred media content

This part is so simple if you have properly categorized files prior to transfer so we will assume that is exactly what you did.

1. From your Shield TV, open Kodi and select which category you will set up (Music, Videos, Pictures)

2. Select "Files" then select "Add [category]"

3. A window will pop up. From this window, select "Browse" then choose "External Storage"

4. Scroll and search for the folder you stored your files in and click "OK"

You're done. If you want to add more files, just repeat steps one to four.

All that's left now is for you to thoroughly enjoy your Nvidia Shield Android TV.

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