Niantic Labs has come up with the latest update for its Pokémon Go. The update brings the version of the game to 0.55.0 for Android users and lets them listen to music while playing the game. Players are also reporting that the updated app does not interrupt the music being played prior to the start of the game any longer.

This feature is already available for iOS users and Android users of the app will now be in the same league. Niantic is currently rolling out an update for both the iOS and Android apps of the game.

"Pokémon GO is in the process of being updated to version 0.55.0 for Android and 1.25.0 for iOS devices," notes the developer.

The update not only reduces the load time for Android devices but also resolves the connectivity issue for the Pokémon Go Plus accessory. The changelog reveals that the update also brings some minor text fixes and adds iOS wheelchair support for use with the Apple Watch.

The Latest Patch

Prior to the update, the game would interrupt the music being played and force the gamers to just tolerate it as long as the game is on. Players were left with little options to avoid the continuous music and had to either turn down the volume or hunt in complete silence.

After the update, some of the fans expressed their delight but wondered why Niantic had taken so long to counter the problem.

"So annoying, I'm happy Niantic finally addressed the pausing issue but why do all the fixes they implement have to be baby steps instead of what the community would obviously prefer?" shared an Android user on Reddit.

On the other hand, some fans supported Niantic's new patch.

"It's not on purpose; it's a bug on Unity that has already been fixed on Unity's end. Now we're waiting for Niantic to update to the latest version of the engine. But that's not easy work for a large project, as every new version fixes new things, but also breaks new things," noted another user.

Where Was The Problem?

The problem basically lurked in the 3D game engine of Unity Technologies, which had started working on the fix. The 3D game kept playing the music based on the assumption that players would enjoy this single soundtrack every time they were on the hunt. Unity Technologies released the bug fix but Niantic took some time in incorporating it into the new patch.

Since high volume can cause potential risk to the players, the game will let one listen to their favorite track while on the hunt but it will come in a comparatively lower volume. The player has the discretion to amplify the volume of the music but beyond the normal level is not advisable.

The updated Pokémon Go app for Android can be downloaded now. The updated iOS app for the game is also available for download and also brings support for Korean language.

Photo: Eduardo Woo | Flickr

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