Users Are Now Downloading Lyft More Instead Of Uber For The First Time Ever


Users are taking a turn toward using the Lyft more than Uber. Details have shown that for the first time, Lyft was able to outpace Uber in terms of its application being downloaded more often.

Uber Crisis

It stands out that the current predicament of Uber led to the higher downloads for Lyft. The numbers were high last Jan. 29. The crisis has temporarily affected Uber's standing in the social media.

The crisis that Uber is experiencing is linked to Trump's decision to implement the immigration ban. With that issue on the rise, a protest was termed as #DeleteUber campaign.

To counter Trump's decision, users deleted their Uber account and it resulted to users opting for the Lyft. A report from TechCrunch shared that Uber's setback propelled Lyft to new heights. Users with iOS and Android powered devices pushed Lyft from rank 39 to rank seven.

Lyft App Rankings

Moreover, Lyft is currently under number four for App store's free apps, outpacing Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat. The backlash against Uber dominated the social media and it seems that the users of this app are willing to weather the tides against Uber.

For now, Uber is ranked 13th. The jump of Lyft's standing was a huge one. Tech Insider further added on to note that Uber drivers are still active on the streets despite the ongoing strike. Uber also retaliated by tweeting that the company has temporarily halted the higher fares.

Meanwhile, cofounders of Lyft, Logan Green and John Zimmer, sent an email to users promising a $1 million donation to the ACLU, a nonprofit organization that was active and successful to temporary halt the immigration ban.

In a different note, even though the Lyft app gained a spike in downloads, it does not imply that the users preferred to use Lyft over Uber. Also, it is not an assurance that Lyft's current fame would remain as it is in the latter days.

The Lyft trend is still uncertain since the surge in its app download was a response against Uber. Uber may have lost its place for being the downloaded more often than Lyft, but Uber lingers as the most popular ride-hailing app in the U.S. It is presumed to have owned 87 percent of the market share in various U.S. regions while Lyft is raking slower gains nationwide.

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