So you've got Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and you're ready to dominate.

Here's how to rank up fast, get more Supply Drops, acquire the best Camos, and more. Want to be the envy of your multiplayer teammates (and enemies)? Read on.

Rank Up Fast

Ah, the joys of grinding. As much fun as Advanced Warfare is (and it is, we've played it), it can take a very long time to get your character up to Level 50. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to accelerate this process.

If grinding is your thing, then you'll climb the ranks faster in Hardpoint mode than anywhere else - by far. For whatever reason, Sledgehammer Games gave the frenetic-paced Hardpoint bigger XP rewards than any other mode. Whether you're completing objectives or simply taking out one enemy after another, experts agree that Hardpoint is where the best points are found.

Another easy way to level up is to sell gear and weapons for XP points. As you collect more and more gear, you'll find that some of it is redundant or made obsolete when you get something better. If you're sure you don't need it anymore, sell that armor, gun, or any other item and you'll get XP points in return. Stay on top of this as you progress and those points can add up fast.

Gear challenges: you love 'em or you hate 'em. Every single piece of gear you acquire comes with a challenge that's unique to it, such as a certain number of headshots with a sniper rifle and so on. Some of these challenges are quite easy, others will take some time and skill. But for each gear challenge you complete, Advanced Warfare will reward you with XP points.

Get More Supply Drops

About the 3 Types of Supply Drops
• Weapon Loot (custom weapon variants)
• Character Gear (changes your appearance; doesn't affect gameplay)
• Reinforcements (single-use bonuses)

This one comes with a disclaimer: It's very likely a glitch that Sledgehammer Games will get around to fixing. But use it now while you still can, and you'll score some sweet gear.

YouTuber Quadmft discovered that in multiplayer levels, if you die when you first enter, it gives you a Supply Drop. He says it works every time, but this is the important part: don't kill another player before you die. Enter the level, let someone kill you, and respawn. You'll immediately get a fresh Supply Drop.

How to Get the Best Camo

Camo is exactly what it sounds like, but it's not for your clothes. It's for your weapons. The primary motive for collecting weapon camo is to give you added customization options, but it can serve a useful purpose as well. Since Advanced Warfare allows you to change your gear between missions, you can match up the color of your camo to the dominant color of the map you're about to enter to give yourself an extra edge.

All camo is obtained by completing various challenges, and there's a full list of them in one of the game's many menus. But the cream of the crop are the Gold, Diamond and Royal camo, and here's how to get them.

Gold: kill 50 enemy players while using no weapon attachments
Diamond: complete every camo challenge for the weapon in question
Royal: complete every camo challenge for all the weapons in this class

Intel Locations

Longtime Call of Duty fans know that every game in the series includes hidden laptop computers that can be found in every level of the singleplayer campaign. These laptops are called "Enemy Intel" inside the game, and while you don't get anything of value for your trouble besides a couple of achievements/trophies, explorers still enjoy the hunt.

If you want to forego the search altogether but still nab those trophies, IGN has a handy list of where to find every laptop in the game. There are three laptops scattered about per level, for a grand total of 45.

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