Photos are the finest way to capture the best moments of one's life and Instagram, the popular mobile photo-sharing app, will soon be updated and bring an exciting feature users' way.

Android users of the Instagram app will soon be able to post up to 10 photos - all at once.

The multiple photo posting feature is currently in testing for Instagram's Android app and will become available with the arrival of version 10.7.0, which is presently in beta. Users who have been looking for options to create photo albums will soon be able to take advantage of this multi-photo option.

If everything goes well with the testing, then users shall get the opportunity to use the multi-photo option in the near future.

The news was first leaked by a Twitter user named Philip Chang who shared that Instagram is getting on with its multi-photo post testing process.

Multi-Photo Option On Instagram

Once the latest version gets installed, users can select up to 10 photos from the gallery, put their desired filters on them and then upload accordingly on the timeline. Their followers can see the album in its entirety and would be able to slide through each shot and like photos as they skim through.

While this feature will be made available for Android users of Instagram, it is not known when the multi-photo option will make its way to iOS users of the app.

Previous Instagram Updates

Since Instagram is all about sharing photos, it has always focused on quality and offering new features to users constantly. In 2017, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users received a new update from Instagram which allowed them to take sharp images having a wider hue of colors.

The Live Photo support enabled iPhone users to upload photos in GIF formats on their timeline. Instagram is always bringing surprises to its users and as reported in January, it came up with the live video feature for Instagram Stories which grabbed the attention of its fans worldwide.

With 150 million worldwide users, Instagram feels that the number is still not enough for a networking service. With the Live Video feature and now the impending multi-photo option, the app is looking to lure more users.

Instagram has not yet confirmed or divulged any information on the exact release date of its multi-photo update for Android. Therefore, Android users of Instagram will have to wait in anticipation for the update to arrive.

Those interested need to make sure that they have the Instagram app installed on their Android devices. Ones who do not have it, can install the app from the Google Play Store.

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