A lot has been said about the Samsung Galaxy S8. Early reports about the phone have been positively glowing, which is perfectly understandable since the South Korean tech giant is doing everything it can not to repeat the mistakes it made with last year's Galaxy Note 7. The company's reputation rests on the success of its 2017 flagship phone, especially in the face of increased competition from other Android phone manufacturers.

The Galaxy S8 family will come in two different sizes: a 5.8-inch and a 6.2-inch model. In order to create an almost bezel-less, "all-display" design, the Galaxy S8 won't have a physical home button. Instead, it will have capacitive on-screen navigation buttons. Also, the Samsung logo has been relegated to the back in order to create a wider 18.5:9 aspect ratio on its display.

Why The Galaxy S8's Fingerprint Sensor Could Prove To Be A Mistake

Based on the recently leaked images from CNET Korea, the rumored "under the glass" fingerprint sensor won't happen. Instead, it will be placed at the back of the phone. Normally, this is something that should not be a cause for concern, since there are a lot of smartphones out there that have their fingerprint sensors placed at the back. Unfortunately, the leaked images show that the sensor is not placed right smack in the middle of the phone's back. Neither is the sensor placed below the rear camera, but rather, beside it. This makes the fingerprint pad a little bit off-center, which could take some time getting used to.

Gordon Kelly, a tech reporter for Forbes, lays out three reasons in a blog post why the fingerprint sensor could prove to be a mistake for the company. Since the pad is placed in a higher location than we're used to, users with smaller hands may have a hard time reaching for it. Placing the sensor to the right side of the camera may also annoy those who are left-handed. And lastly, its position means users could be inadvertently touching the rear camera a lot, leading to dirty streaks and smudges all across the camera's lens.

It shouldn't take too long for us to find out if the fingerprint sensor will indeed be oddly placed in the Galaxy S8. The phone won't be launched at this year's Mobile World Congress; instead, Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy Tab S3 at the event, as well as a one-minute teaser for the Galaxy S8.

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