Google is making searching for the perfect recipe so much easier thanks to its new feature. And yes foodies, this feature delivers.

The search giant launched an update to its search algorithm for its app on Thursday that further narrows results while also giving the user suggestions when they are looking for recipes via its new carousel feature.

Previously when users searched for a food item they were given related recipe suggestions. The new carousel feature takes this one step further, serving as a more advanced way to search for a recipe.

Now when a user searches for something like "chicken wings" they are presented with related search words that can be tapped on to help bring up the best recipe results. The feature automatically beings up search terms like flavors, ingredients, or how the meal is prepared.

For example, the user can use the tappable suggestions "baked" and "buffalo" to quickly zone in on the desired dish.

These suggestions are displayed under the search bar.

"Once you select your flavor or category, you'll see top recipes from a wide variety of sources with easy-to-read step-by-step instructions," Google Search's Product Manager Duncan Osborn writes in a blog post.

The new search update comes just in time for looking up finger food recipes for Super Bowl LI. It allows users to be able to find recipes for a "healthy" and "vegan" alternative to a certain dip or side dish.

Not only does the carousel search result help bring up the recipes a user has in mind quickly, but it also presents the popular related recipes that users must try. This helps foodies discover new dishes they might not have thought to search for.

While the carousel delivers on being an advanced search feature we didn't know we needed, those using Google for an actual food delivery will have to specify that when searching.

The feature is only available for the Google app, not for desktop.

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