Fans should already know by now that BioWare is introducing an Asari squad mate called Peebee in the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda game. Aside from the character traits, new intel revealed that she will likely be a romantic option for one of the space RPG's characters.

The news came after a Twitter user asked Mass Effect producer Michael Gamble about Christine Lakin's reference that Peebee is going to fall in love. Lakin was the voice actress behind Peebee.

Gamble confirmed that the Asari companion is, indeed, a romantic option and what is also quite interesting is that she could be romanceable for at least one of the Ryder twins.

Peebee And The Ryder Twins

There are probably those of you who are wondering what this romancing business is all about. Well, this is a feature introduced in the game since Mass Effect, continuing until Mass Effect 2 and 3. It entails the ability to pursue romantic involvement with a squad member and the process is a bit complex and has been modified across game titles.

For instance, original programming has confined it exclusively as heterosexual. Same-sex romancing has been introduced recently. Nonetheless, choosing who to romance could prove one of those difficult decisions that players have to make in-game.

Now, BioWare is holding its cards close on this issue. The company's general manager Aaryn Flynn has already put his foot down about it, stressing that the team wants to keep details secret, letting players explore on their own.

Clues On Romance

With the confirmation that Peebee is going to be a romantic option, however, players now have an inkling how the feature will play out. Take the case of her possible association with either of the Ryder twins as an example.

The announcement is that at least one will be compatible with the Asari character, which means that Peebee could entangle herself in a heterosexual or same-sex relationship because the Ryder siblings are male and female: Sara and Scott Ryder. Players can choose to play one of the Ryder versions.

To be clear, there is still no official confirmation about the dynamics of Peebee's romancing prospects or her sexual orientation in the Tempest spaceship save for the hint that the romancing feature will include less formulaic relationships.

Whatever the case is, players are surely going to enjoy her. She has been described as a goofy character, which should add a dimension to the gripping and often exhilarating Mass Effect gameplay.

Gamers should find that out soon enough as Mass Effect: Andromeda heads to United States on March 21. In the meantime, you can learn more about Peebee in the video below.

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