Lady Gaga has experienced a huge career boost following her successful performance during the halftime show at Super Bowl 51. The singer saw her streams skyrocket on Pandora, with over a thousand percent boost in listeners adding her themed station, while her song "Million Reasons" sold 45 thousand digital downloads on the day after the big game.

Gaga Is Big Winner At Super Bowl 51

The New England Patriots, who defeated the Atlanta Falcons, weren't the only winners of Super Bowl 51 in Houston, as Lady Gaga's halftime show also scored big points for the singer's career. Positive reviews from critics and fans seem to have revitalized Gaga's standing as an A list pop star, after she reminded audiences just how many hit songs she has released over the years, including "Poker Face," "Bad Romance," Born This Way," "Telephone," and "Just Dance."

Gaga can show the receipts for the most immediate and tangible effect of her performance via streaming data and download sales, both of which skyrocketed following the show. The number of Pandora subscribers adding Lady Gaga's themed station jumped by almost 1,400 percent over the previous week, with 24,000 listeners adding Gaga's station on Super Bowl Sunday alone.

Old And New Lady Gaga Songs Show Streaming And Sales Spikes

Biggest winners song-wise on Pandora were "Just Dance" which rose 12.2 percent to record 284 million spins, "Poker Face" which rose 10.5 percent to 250 million spins, "Bad Romance" which rose 15.4 percent to 100 million spins, and "Born This Way" which rose 13.4 percent to 30 million spins.

It was "Million Reasons," however, the only song in the set that came from Gaga's latest album Joanne that had the best sales on Super Bowl Sunday, recording an impressive 45,000 download sales. The song previously wasn't able to manage that many sales in any entire week since its release.

While a bump in sales and streams is of course expected from any Super Bowl performer, the numbers for last year's artists — Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyoncé — didn't come anywhere close to Gaga's in Pandora station adds. Coldplay jumped up 225 percent, Bruno Mars by 62 percent, and Beyoncé by just 60 percent.

Gaga is expected to receive a big boost on the upcoming Billboard charts for the week, with Joanne, which has not been a relative commercial success for the singer thus far, set to benefit. Gaga has just released a new video for the song "John Wayne" from the album, in hopes of keeping the momentum going.

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