Lady Gaga is gearing up for her big performance at the Super Bowl halftime show on Feb. 5, and has just revealed new details regarding her set. Gaga announced the show will include music spanning her entire career, and not just from her latest album Joanne.

Lady Gaga Super Bowl Halftime Show

As we grow nearer to the big day when the New England Patriots face off against the Atlanta Falcons, football fans are speculating as to who will become NFL champions in 2017. Meanwhile, music fans have been busy speculating as well, as to what exactly Lady Gaga has in store for her big halftime show performance.

Lady Gaga recently released her latest album Joanne, and reaction to the collection has been mixed, both critically and commercially. Gaga changed her musical direction in a big way on Joanne, moving away from the electronic dance pop style that made her famous to a rawer organic sound that includes elements of rock and country music. While Gaga has previously performed her new music in huge arenas, this time around she settled for a series of dive bars to showcase her new tunes, explaining that the intimate environment was more appropriate for her new sound.

Gaga Will Perform Greatest Hits At Super Bowl

When it was announced that Gaga would be performing the halftime show at the upcoming Super Bowl, fans wondered whether she would be relying heavily on music from Joanne. That idea gained traction when Gaga stated that Super Bowl officials asked for a copy of the album in advance of making their decision to give her the gig. Joanne failed to produce a hit single, and most fans have been hoping that Gaga would be including her biggest hits in the performance.

Those hopes have come to fruition, as Gaga recently confirmed in an interview that her set list for the Super Bowl halftime show "spans my career so far." That means fans can look forward to hearing favorites like "Just Dance," "Bad Romance," "Poker Face," "Born This Way," "Edge of Glory," and "Applause." Gaga will probably include one or two tracks from Joanne as well, with the most likely candidates being upbeat tunes "Perfect Illusion" and "A-Yo," along with emotional ballad "Million Reasons."

Gaga also alluded to the inclusive performance in a recent tweet which read, "Time to go. It's showtime. And it's the one you've always been dreaming of. #SB51 #Gaga #GagaSuperBowl"

After revealing her planned career-spanning performance, Gaga expressed her excitement about the big show.

"I appreciate everyone that has supported me over the years and that still supports my music and my shows," said the singer. "I can't wait to do a great show for the world!"

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