LOOK: Alec Baldwin Is So Good At Playing Trump, Newspaper Runs Photo Of Him As President


If there is anything better for actor Alec Baldwin than hosting Saturday Night Live for the 17th time, we'd guess that it would be being validated for his performance as an impersonator of President Donald Trump.

Earlier that same day, the Dominican Republic newspaper El Nacional published an article on Trump's thoughts about the settlement in Israel he previously mentioned.

But, instead of a photo of the president of the United States gracing the page beside the photo of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, El Nacional unintentionally posted a still shot of Baldwin as he played the POTUS on SNL.

El Nacional has since issued an apology for the oversight and explained that the image was simply pulled from Associated Press and that the mistake was not discovered until the article had been published.

There have been no reactions from the POTUS, Alec Baldwin, or SNL as of writing but we can imagine that Trump is not too happy about the mistake since he is not amused with Baldwin's impersonation — and Baldwin is also not a Trump supporter.

If readers recall, Trump has already called out SNL on Twitter several times for not being funny, and he also criticized Baldwin's impersonation of him.

However, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom Trump recently criticized as the new host of The Apprentice, Baldwin retaliated with his own entertaining response.

We think it is fair to say the loathing is mutual between the two men, but Baldwin may be on the winning end with El Nacional's mistake. On the downside, the publication may also start receiving some hate from the president. People on social media have even begun to wonder whether the Dominican Republic would be included on the list of banned countries soon.

That or Trump could start considering it as a publication that circulates fake news. Then again, the U.S. president could miraculously show a "merciful" side and actually let this one go since El Nacional did apologize for the mistake before he was even made aware of it. It's really hard to say.

In the meantime, let us just all enjoy a quick performance from Alec Baldwin in his impersonation of President Donald Trump.

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