A new rumor is going around that Apple is working on a gold version of its Apple Watch device, and the asking price will be out of this world. This device is definitely aimed at the wealthy, and those who have $5,000 to spare.

We have to put something into perspective here for our readers to understand how valuable this device is, even for Apple. You see, the most expensive Apple device is the Mac Pro, which begins at a steep price of $2,999. Now, think about how sleek and powerful the Mac Pro is, compared to the Apple Watch fleshed out in gold.

It's crazy, right? Especially since the Apple Watch is not capable of churning out 4K content like the Mac Pro.

It won't matter how expensive this 18-karat gold Apple Watch is at the end of the day, for we are confident it will find a niche market. Apple won't sell a million of these devices, but it sure will make a lot of money by selling just a few.

For those who are a little bit worried, Apple will indeed still make available the standard smart watch device for $349 next year. It's aluminum, so it is not as good as gold, but a lot cheaper. Furthermore, we understand that the Cupertino giant is planning a stainless steel version of the Apple Watch for $500, though, the company has yet to reveal anything about that.

Apple is positioning its first smart watch as a luxury item. The device found its way on the cover of Vogue (Chinese) back in October. It also made an appearance at Paris Fashion Week. Apple may also be looking to promote it at other fashion establishments before releasing the device to the public in 2015.

If it turns out that this gold Apple Watch is really in development, we'd love to see what it looks like. If we're lucky, we might find one lying on the street with a note that says, "Pick me up, I'm yours."

The Apple Watch is Apple's first foray into the smart watch market, and it will go up against competing devices from Samsung, Motorola, Microsoft, Google and many others.

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