Mountain Dew and Doritos have long been junk food partners in crime. After all, Frito Lay is a PepsiCo subsidiary and Pepsi does own Mountain Dew. It just makes sense to market the two products together, to everybody from sports fans to gamers.

But this next collaboration between the two brands -- Dorito-flavored Mountain Dew -- isn't just a partnership. It's an abomination.

Reddit user joes_nipples documented his experience with the beverage at a Mountain Dew taste testing booth set up at Kent State University in Ohio. Other flavors available for sample were Lemon Ginger and Mango Habanero, but it is the Mountain Dew "Dewitos" flavor that is the real cause for concern. Yes, there is a product you might actually be able to buy one day called "Dewitos."

"It honestly wasn't that disgusting," the user writes. "It tasted like orange with a doritos after taste. It tasted like straight doritos afterwards though. Weirdest thing I've ever drunken."

Joes_nipples also says it was "like if you shoved a handful of Doritos in your mouth and chugged some Dew at the same time. Not that I've ever done that..."

So what was all this for? Joes_nipples isn't 100 percent sure. He says it looked like an official Mountain Dew production, with the people working the booth handing out surverys and prize giveaways after people taste testing the products. Some on the Reddit thread are skeptical that joes_nipples, and his picture, are legitimate, but he insists that Dewitos is an actual thing. This picture also popped up on the web in late October, and looks to be a similar sort of set up.

Will any of these test flavors, including Dewitos, ever made it to store shelves? Hard to say, but if they do, humanity may truly be beyond saving.

Photo: Mattie B via Flickr (cropped)

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