Children of the '90s may remember a certain citrus-flavored drink called Surge, made by the Coca-Cola company starting in 1997. Meant to be Coca-Cola's answers to Pepsi's Mountain Dew, Surge never took off, and production of the drink ceased in 2002.

However, as of today, Sept. 15, Surge is back from the dead, but not how you might think. Coca-Cola is indeed selling the drink again but only at one retailer -- Amazon.

Fans nostalgic for the drink will have to go online to order 12-packs of Surge for $14.99. The first batch of the new Surge sold out in about an hour. It's the first time a Coke product has been sold exclusively online.

Coca-Cola says a Facebook group called "SURGE Movement" played a large role in the company deciding to bring the beverage back from the dead. The group has more than 128,000 "Likes" and seeks the re-release of the soft drink. The page regularly posts about the beverage, often linking memories of the drink to '90s music and events.

The re-launch of Surge seems to be going well so far.

Now that Surge is officially back, what is "SURGE Movement" to do? Their work isn't done yet, according to the page's latest post. Now it is focused on spreading the word about the drink's return far and wide.

"The same delicious flavor and your favorite original artwork from the '90s has returned!" the page declares. "In order to keep SURGE alive and available, we need EVERYONE to spread the word and order today! The Movement does NOT END HERE! Share this with EVERYONE!!! Let them know SURGE is back! Flood our page with images of your first fresh can in over 12 long years! TELL THE WORLD THAT OUR GLORIOUS GREEN GOODNESS HAS BEEN RESURRECTED!"

That enthusiasm may decide the future fate of the product.

"Future plans for the brand will depend on the level of excitement exhibited by fans across the country," Wendy Clark, president of sparkling and strategic marketing for Coca-Cola North America, says in statement on Surge's return. The act of bringing the drink back is an example of Coca-Cola listening to its fans, the statement also reads.

If the soda continues to sell out online, Coca-Cola may think about putting Surge back on store shelves across America. It's all about the money, so if social media campaigns can drum up enough support to keep Surge selling, Coca-Cola may have a hit on its hands.

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